Crimson Desert Gameplay to Be Finally Unveiled at Gamescom

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During its latest quarterly financiers call, South Korean designer Pearl Abyss validated that Crimson Desert gameplay will be included at Gamescom 2023, likely on Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live reveal set up for next Tuesday night (regional time). Here’s the pertinent excerpt transcribed by Inven:

Crimson Desert is being established targeting the international AAA-class console market. It has actually been checked several times and got excellent reviews and expectations. In specific, as it is being developed while listening to the feedback of experts knowledgeable about the console market, we are anticipating good outcomes. A lot of time has passed since the very first release of Crimson Desert, but the quality of the video game has also enhanced by bounds and leaps. In specific, at Gamescom this year, we prepare to launch a game video that contains the real gameplay of Crimson Desert. We want to demonstrate how the development of Crimson Desert is being completed and the quality we are going for. For more details, please inspect the video on the day of Gamescom.

Crimson Desert was originally announced at G-Star 2019 along with DokeV and PLAN 8. We had Kai Powell on-site during that event, where he interviewed Lead Producer Jason Jung. At the time, the plan was to develop an MMO that would be more story-oriented than Black Desert Online, the flagship game that powered the studio’s success.

One year later, Pearl Abyss switched the category from MMO to open world action/adventure video game. At that time, the studio was still targeting a late 2021 launch window. In late July 2021, however, the video game was indefinitely postponed to permit the designers to craft a much deeper, richer game.

It looks like that extra development time is approaching its finish line, as Pearl Abyss executives have now confirmed the studio’s objective to finish development in the 2nd half of 2023. Whether that will translate into an instant release remains to be seen.

The opportunity is solid, however. Recent rumors likewise revealed that Sony is in talks with Pearl Abyss to partner on Crimson Desert, pointing to an impending launch. Pearl Abyss executives even discussed the likelihood of an unique collaboration with a console platform, specifying that their objective is to release the video game on several platforms.

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