Crimson Desert Gets New Gameplay Trailer at Gamescom 2023

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As assured throughout their newest quarterly revenues call, South Korean studio Pearl Abyss delivered a new gameplay trailer for Crimson Desert throughout Geoff Keighley’s Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 show.

Sadly, the trailer did not provide any upgrade on the release date of Crimson Desert, although we know Pearl Abyss intends to conclude development prior to the year’s end. The video game will be released on PC and consoles; for more information, check out the main site.

Crimson Desert is an upcoming open world action-adventure which will make a worldwide release on both console and PC. An epic of survival with a focus on immersive storytelling and extreme action, Crimson Desert follows a group of having a hard time mercenaries and the lots of characters who cross their paths in the large continent of Pywel of divided areas occupied by individuals struggling to survive in its ever-changing lands. This is a world where heroes are made, but not without incredible difficulty, discomfort and perseverance.

From the large plains of Akapen to the inhospitably cold lands of Kweiden, or the barren Desert, each region possesses its own unique beauty. As you pass through the cities of Pywel, be it the Desert Oases or Kweiden’s Ulsrund, land of the wolf, expect to come across dirty alleys, destitute hovels, and market language that would make even a Troll blush. Each place has its own distinct character that is both fantastical and grounded in gritty realism.

Answer your calling and lead a band of battle-hardened mercenaries versus those who seek your downfall. You won’t have the ability to take on the numerous dangers that exist across the lands alone, but you’re in luck, considering that you’ll have a group of your own mercenaries to count on.

You need to travel the world if you wish to discover the most battle-hardened fighters to form your mercenary business, however to make the trust of such renowned warriors you should first become one yourself. Every mercenary you fulfill will have their own story to inform, their own distinct factors for selecting this course. If you wish to shape these warriors into an elite combating unit and hear those tales, you will require to make their respect. Just then will they combat under a single banner. Yours!

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