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CSGO streamer K1KA passes away at 21

K1KA’s family have announced that she passed away this week.

It’s always tragic when somebody is lost too soon. Such is the case today as streamer Kristina “K1KA” Đukić has passed away, a major loss for her family, friends, and the CSGO community. She was 21 years old.

The passing of Kristina “K1KA” Đukić was announced by her friend Andrija through a post on her Instagram account on December 9. She rose to prominence as a CSGO Twitch streamer, most recently dipping into League of Legends. The message from her friend is as follows:

We here at Shacknews would like to echo that last point. If you’re struggling or experiencing suicidal thoughts or think that you may be suffering from depression, please reach out, whether that be to a medical professional, family member, or a friend. We’d also like to extend our condolences to K1KA’s family and friends during this time.