Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel Will Evolve Much Like The Witcher Games in CDPR's Plans

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With Cyberpunk 2077's only growth, Phantom Liberty, now strongly in the rearview, CD Projekt RED is totally free to want to the future. There's the brand-new The Witcher trilogy, obviously, however likewise the Cyberpunk 2077 follow up codenamed Project Orion.

Declared about a year earlier, Project Orion will be established by the core group behind Cyberpunk 2077, although they will relocate to Boston to develop a United States branch of CDPR, with assistance from the studio's Vancouver and Warsaw workplaces. The video game is presently in principle stage, with correct advancement slated to start in late 2024. It will be directed by Gabe Amatangelo (who likewise directed Phantom Liberty).

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Speaking to PC Gamer, CDPR story director Igor Sarzyński has actually now described that the designers are wanting to develop Cyberpunk 2077 in a comparable method to The Witcher.

Think about The Witcher video games and just how much they altered with each installation. We desire a comparable development here. Cyberpunk 2077 was our very first endeavor into a futuristic sci-fi world with a lots of brand-new gameplay mechanics, narrative tone, styles, and art instructions. A few of the things worked practically best out of package, such as the art, city style, music, interactive scene system, and playstyles. Other elements took more time to solve, like character development, NPC interactivity, and optimization. That's natural; it's difficult to nail whatever on your very first shot. Now, with all the video game components iterated and working well, we'll concentrate on linking them even tighter and producing a meaningful, overall immersion experience.

While it holds true that a follow up is anticipated to surpass the very first model, The Witcher is referred to as a trilogy where each video game significantly exceeded its predecessor. That's mainly due to the fact that CD Projekt RED experienced huge development from an indie group all the method to triple-A (The Witcher III: Wild Hunt had a budget plan of $81 million). The exact same sort of leap can not reasonably occur for Project Orion considering that the Polish studio is currently enormous (it uses around 1,200 staff members).

Still, Cyberpunk 2077 was undoubtedly various from The Witcher in lots of methods, needing a change from the studio even if simply to accommodate for the various setting and playstyle. While an excellent video game in its own right, it can certainly be surpassed.

Fans might have to wait a long time. CD Projekt RED's top priority is presently The Witcher 4, likewise referred to as Project Polaris. This group currently had over 250 designers in August, and some who dealt with Phantom Liberty have actually now been contributed to it.

While the Cyberpunk 2077 follow up will take a number of years to emerge, a minimum of there's a live action task in advancement in collaboration with Anonymous Content.

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