Day Spa Investigated Over Deadly Outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease

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Hot tubs are a known potential source of Legionnaires' Disease.

< figure class=" sc-1eow4w5-1 fuSEnv align– bleed js_marquee-assetfigure "data-id="52c43a1d74f533233fce47c9a0720983"data-recommend-id="image:// 52c43a1d74f533233fce47c9a0720983"data-format="jpg" data-width ="4572"data-height=" 2571 "data-lightbox= "real"data-recommended= "false"data-hide="false"contenteditable= "incorrect" draggable = “false”> A day spa in Northern California might be the source of a lethal outbreak of Legionnaires’disease. Over the weekend, regional health authorities reported 3 cases of the bacterial health problem, consisting of 2 deaths, among recent customers of the Zen Day Spa in Richmond. The medical spa has now been closed down while officials investigate. The Contra Costa Health Department

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