Denuvo’s Switch Emulation Protection Software Is Now Available on Nintendo Developer Portal

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Today, Denuvo parent company Irdeto announced that its Switch Emulation Protection software application is readily available on the Nintendo Developer Portal (NDP) as a formally licensed middleware.

Irdeto proudly boasts to be the first security company added to the Nintendo Developer Portal. It likewise promotes its Emulation Protection software as ‘revolutionary innovation in the fight against piracy’.

Doug Lowther, CEO of Irdeto, said in a statement:

As gamers, we understand first-hand how piracy negatively impacts the gaming market. We’re enjoyed become part of the Nintendo Developers Portal so that we can provide the latest innovations to assist fight this problem for Nintendo Switch players and designers. We witness an increasing need to protect against emulation on PC from game launch, our solution is a should have for publishers to generate income from the games fairly on this platform and likewise not effect PC game sales.

The Nintendo Switch Emulation Protection software was first unveiled one year ago, nearly to the day. Nevertheless, 2 days later on, it was revealed that Nintendo was not directly included with the undertaking, leading some to believe it would be deserted. Today’s news proves the precise opposite. Of course, it remains to be seen which game designers and publishers will decide to incorporate Denuvo’s brand-new technology into their video games.

Denuvo also simply revealed an Unreal Engine defense tool that professes to make modding more difficult. Neither of these statements is likely to agree with players, regardless of Denuvo’s apparent desire to clean its credibility with an upcoming review build comparison program.

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