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Discord sent its Wumpus mascot to space in Snowsgiving 2021 finale

Discord celebrated the end of Snowsgiving 2021 by blasting Wumpus into space.

Discord’s Wumpus mascot has been with the company since the beginning and is an instantly recognizable symbol for the popular communication app. Over the last couple of weeks, Discord has been celebrating Snowsgiving with new updates, stickers, emotes, and more for users to get into the holiday spirit. To cap off the event, Discord sent its iconic Wumpus mascot into space.

Discord announced its Snowsgiving finale earlier today with a YouTube video. In the aptly titled “We Sent Wumpus Into Space” video, we see a stuffed animal version of Wumpus flying through space. The video shows some of the construction process, as the team at Lamar + Nik attached Wumpus to a small structure with a massive balloon at the top of it. The weather balloon design was inspired by the movie UP. We see Wumpus leave the ground, break through the atmosphere, and reach outer space, thanks to the camera that was also included in the tiny aircraft.

This idea actually stems from a tweet shared earlier this year. Back in May, Discord stated that it would send Wumpus to space if it reached 3 million followers. The account has far surpassed that milestone as it sits at 3.5 million total followers. What started as a funny idea on Twitter has become a reality.

2021 has been a massive year for Discord. The platform saw some big growth as the pandemic continued to cause troubles for in-person gatherings and many professional organizations began to use the service for meetings and work-related discussions. As more and more companies and groups begin to adopt Discord going into 2022.