Doctor Strange 3 plot leak has big ramifications for Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars

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Nobody is making brand-new movies or television programs with the strikes in full swing, not even Marvel. There are real concerns that Deadpool 3 may not make its May 3rd, 2024 release date, as a new offer is far from being done. However there's no scarcity of MCU rumors despite the strikes. After all, Marvel knows where it's heading with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars representing the last adventures in the Multiverse Saga. And it appears like we'll get a Doctor Strange 3 motion picture already, which could end up being a crucial experience for our preferred heroes ahead of the new Avengers motion pictures.

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( )blogherads. defineSlot(' medrec ',' gpt-dsk-ros-mid-article-uid0' )setTargeting(' pos', [" mid-article"," mid-article1"]. setSubAdUnitPath (" ros);. Prior to we take a look at this interesting Doctor Strange 3 plot leakage, understand that huge spoilers may follow listed below.

Who is Clea in Doctor Strange 3!.

?.!? According to The Cosmic Circus, Doctor Strange 3 will adapt the Time Runs Out comic.

The film will pick up right where we ended, with Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Clea (Charlize Theron) en route to deal with an attack. An attack that our Doctor Strange might have initiated during Multiverse of Madness. I'll also mention that The Marvels might handle said incursion come November, when the Captain Marvel sequel premieres in cinemas.

Back to the Doctor Strange 3 plot leakage, The Cosmic Circus has apparently discovered who Clea is and where she resides.

Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer

< img decoding= "async" loading

=" lazy" width=" 1600" height= "882" src=" "alt =" Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer" class=" is-wp-image-block wp-image-5984179" srcset=" 1600w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 1024w, 1536w, 76w "sizes=" (max-width: 1600px) 100vw, 1600px" > Apparently, she originated from a various measurement to find Doctor Strange and repair his incursion: From what we've been told, Strange has actually been sought out by a multiversal organization called The Black Priests. According to our sources, Clea belongs to this company.

The Black Priests 'HQ will be in the Nothing Space of

Destroyed Universes, which exists within the area of 2 dead universes triggered by an attack. The Doctor Strange risk That" Nothing Space" sounds like another mind-bending multiverse concept that may create chaos down the roadway, however we'll deal with it if and when Marvel introduces it. More interesting is the leaker's claim about Doctor Strange's value across the multiverse.

Unsurprisingly, the multiverse is dying due to the fact that of all these attacks. And while the Council of Kangs is responsible for the majority of them, Doctor Strange is likewise a huge cause for concern throughout the multiverse:

It was explained in the previous film through Christine Palmer-838's research study that Stephen Strange is among the most harmful dangers to the Multiverse. Nevertheless, they have yet to define how precisely he was dangerous outside of what Strange-838 did. The upcoming sequel will explain how Stephen is a hazard to the Multiverse by establishing him as a common denominator when it concerns attacks throughout the Multiverse, aside from the primary threat of the Council of Kangs.

Doctor Strange vs. Kang: What side would you pick? If that sounds familiar, that's since a different leakage from the exact same source pointed to a big conflict between Doctor Strange and Kang in Kang Dynasty and/or Secret Wars.

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, [4,2]https:);. Here's what Perez stated about the Doctor Strange

3 plot back in March: However, the distinct information that separates this [Multiverse Saga] story from the one informed before with Tony and Thanos is the function that Kang will take in this matchup. Kang's point of view (and the angle Marvel Studios will wish to pitch to audiences) is that he's the hero trying to conserve the Multiverse from its biggest risk yet ... Doctor Stephen Strange.

Back to what we believe we understand about The Marvels and Deadpool 3, I'll state that I'm a big fan of this concept already. Being unable to tell who the bigger danger is, Doctor Strange or Kang might be an amazing plot detail.

Evil Doctor Strange has three eyes in new clip.

Yes, it's been done before, albeit on a much smaller sized scale. Iron Man( Robert Downey Jr.) and Steve Rogers( Chris Evans )were on opposing sides in Captain America: Civil War. Each led their own faction of Avengers, making it exceptionally challenging to choose a side.

Imagine all that with genuine stakes. Either Doctor Strange or Kang can ruin the multiverse. You have to choose one and trust that it's the ideal option. Also, you have to trust Marvel will tell terrific stories to get us there. Civil War was amazing. So were other MCU adventures that preceded it.

Hopefully, Doctor Strange 3, Kang Dynasty, and Secret Wars will all make good sense and be entertaining. Especially if this plot leak is right.

I'll explain the apparent, that leakages aren't constantly precise. And that Marvel has all the time in the world to alter the stories. However, the destination is similar. We'll have to get to Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. No matter if we get a Doctor Strange 3 story prior to that. And no matter what happens in it. And I sure hope this Doctor Strange vs. Kang principle stays in place.

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