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Dying Light 2’s main story alone may require about 100 hours of your time

Techland freaked a lot of folks out in claiming that to 100 percent complete the game might take about 500 hours.

Dying Light 2 was always set to be quite the thick game with a city full of human factions and infected, as well as decisions that can vastly change the politics and even geography of the landscape. However, Techland recently revealed exactly what “thick” means in terms of Dying Light 2. Getting 100 percent completion in Dying Light 2 may take players as long as 500 hours and even just getting the main story done will put you back around 100 hours.

Dying Light 2’s immense amount of content and game length were recently shared in Twitter posts via the game’s channel. According to Dying Light 2’s developers, getting 100 percent completion in Dying Light 2 – all side quests, all endings, all secrets, etc. – will run you around 500 hours of gameplay. This was shocking to quite a few readers and brought a bit of ire and concern towards the post, after which the developers quickly added that the main story will take “less than 100 hours” to complete if you just want to play to the credits.

Even at 100 hours to complete the main story, Dying Light 2 is sounding like a pretty immense game. For comparison, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s base game takes around 113 hours to 100 percent complete, according to How Long to Beat. Completely beating the first Dying Light takes around 55 hours. Dying Light 2 runs closer to something like Monster Hunter World – an excellent, but very grindy game – which takes around 380 hours to 100 percent complete.

In a time where there are so many games coming out all at once, Dying Light 2 sounds like its going to be quite meaty (or perhaps fluffed). Nonetheless, with the game actually launching in early February, we’ll see what intrepid gamers can do with that estimation when it’s actually in their hands.