Elon Musk Unbans the Account of Kanye West (Ye) As He Pledges To Make X the “Most Valuable Financial Institution on the planet”

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Perhaps in an indication of magnanimity as his freshly rebranded X social media platform continues to thrive, or in what simply amounts to one more of his typically impulsive moves, Elon Musk has finally unbanned the account of the controversial rap artist Kanye West (Ye).

As a refresher, Elon Musk had suspended Ye’s X account back in December of 2022, flagging “incitement to violence” as the precursor for the strict disciplinary action. The CEO of Tesla had actually taken discomforts to explain that the ban was not prompted by Ye’s dissemination of a couple of images that highlighted Elon Musk’s increased girth and corpulence.

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Bear in mind that Musk has repeatedly kept in mind X’s brand-new policy of allowing liberty of speech however not liberty of reach to controversial Xeets/tweets.

Of course, even prior to his X account was banned, Ye’s online personality had actually taken a definitive controversial turn, provided his antisemitic rhetoric and ardent assistance of Donald Trump. Back in October, Adidas ended its $1.5 billion Yeezy offer with Ye. The deal had earned Ye around $500 million in royalty payments and marketing costs over the four years through 2020. The company likewise ended the production of Yeezy-branded items with instant result. Additionally, Gap and Foot Locker likewise deserted their association with Ye.

Toward completion of 2022, Ye’s media-related ambitions likewise suffered a significant problem when Parler and Kanye West “equally concurred” to cancel the proposed acquisition. Parler had entered into an “contract in principle” in October 2022 to offer the company to Ye.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk revealed recently that the regular monthly users of X reached a brand-new high in 2023 of over 541 million users. The CEO of Tesla appeared quite joyous at this development, particularly as it happened after the elimination of “a vast number of bots.” For recommendation, X’s active regular monthly users in 2022 averaged just 368 million.

As we reported recently, Elon Musk has now rebranded Twitter as X, which marks a considerable step towards his overarching goal of developing an “everything app” on the pattern of Tencent’s WeChat. In a recent interview, the world’s wealthiest individual stated that he is working on a 22-year-old plan to change X into the most valuable financial institution in the world.

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