Elon threatens to sue Mark Zuckerberg over the Threads app-- here's the letter from Elon's legal representative

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Well, that didn't take long. Less than a day after the splashy launch of Meta's brand-new Threads app-- a Twitter clone that millions of users joined in a matter of hours-- Twitter owner Elon Musk indicated that he's interested in taking Zuckerberg to court over the launch (a relocation that would, it should go without saying, alter the timing of the face-to-face cage match that both men likewise appear thinking about pursuing versus each other). Semafor first reported the news on Thursday, and you can read the complete letter from Twitter legal representative Alex Spiro ingrained in 2 parts in the tweet below. Broadly, its claims include Twitter having a copyright rights case that it wants to protect. Spiro's letter needs, to name a few things," that Meta take immediate actions to stop utilizing any Twitter trade secrets or other highly secret information" that it has originated from the expected hiring of former Twitter workers.

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Here's the 2nd part of the letter pic.twitter.com/bhQMjcRFeC--

Evan( @StockMKTNewz) July 6, 2023 Spiro accuses Meta of employing scores of previous Twitter staff members who" had and continue to have access to Twitter's trade tricks and other highly secret information." Intriguingly, his letter likewise warns that Meta is restricted from crawling or scraping any of Twitter's followers or fan data, which right away made me

Threads engineering team is a former Twitter staff member-- that's simply not a thing." Twitter vs Threads app: Background On Thursday, Zuckerberg announced that 30 million people have actually currently signed up with the Threads app (" Feels like the beginning of something unique, however we've got a lot of work ahead to build out the app"). Musk, for his part, tweeted in reaction to a tweet about the prospective legal action between the 2 companies that:" Competition is great, cheating is not." Of course, regardless of Stone's claim that there are no previous Twitter staff members on the Threads engineering group, that comment above is from the very same Elon who dismissively tweeted the equivalent of" excellent riddance" when his employees began leaving the company in droves( either willingly or otherwise):< div id=" gpt-ros-mid-article2-uid1" class= "adw-300 adh-250"

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How it began: How it is going: pic.twitter.com/F1W3qOZgnc-- Oliver Alexander( @OAlexanderDK )July 6, 2023 Meanwhile, the launch of the Threads app comes versus the background of widespread dissatisfaction with Musk's stewardship of Twitter, with Meta finally introducing an effort to manage the last piece of the social media pie that it's long delivered to

Twitter. In the meantime, though, the experiences of
utilizing Twitter and the Threads app are still quite different from each other.
With Threads, for example, there are currently no direct messages or feeds containing only the accounts that
a user follows. "For those of you trying to think about what to publish here on Threads versus on Instagram," Instagram head Adam Mosseri wrote
in a Threads posting," my take is it's

More protection Elon's hazard of a claim versus Zuckerberg over the Threads app, meanwhile, comes as countless individuals are still getting

utilized to the latter and figuring how to utilize it, what to publish, and whether they like it-- and whether they like it enough for it to supplant Twitter. In the meantime, here's a tasting of a few of our other Threads-related coverage, including commentary about the app's opportunities of success. Threads app launch: This is when the real Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg cage match begins Threads in fact has an opportunity to eliminate Twitter Threads, Instagram's Twitter rival, is now offered to download I'm loading my bags for Threads but keeping my lease with Twitter Do not Miss: Hands-on: Meta's Twitter competitor Threads is a solid start, however it needs a lot of work

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