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  • Animal Shelter Simulator pledges $10,000 of donations ahead of 2022 release
  • LEGO delays Overwatch 2 set amid Activision Blizzard controversy
  • Savathun’s Throne World trailer teases the Witch Queen’s deadly domain in Destiny 2
  • Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection comes to Switch next month
  • Rainbow Six Siege moves on to its third creative director in six years

And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

Two cops are fired for trying to catch a Snorlax instead of responding to a call

Who would have thought that a police officer could get fired for playing Pokemon Go? Turns out, playing it while on the job and not responding to a robbery is how it happens. The two men appealed the decision by claiming that the LAPD “violated their privacy by listening to their conversation”. They lost the appeal.

Your daily dose of sudoku

Today’s sudoku is a wild one. No digits are given, instead, there are a bunch of Os around the perimeter of the puzzle. I don’t really know how I would personally start this one, but Simon manages just fine.

Time for some maths!

I love these sorts of “expert reacts” types of videos. It’s interesting to see how film and TV get things wrong for the sake of drama.

Black Mesa

This looks like a lab from Half-Life or even Goldeneye.

Have you seen this trend recently?

There are a bunch of videos out there claiming that certain traits are signs of ADHD.

Productive hours

When do your creative juices start flowing?

This is exactly how I remember Anor Londo

This mod looks wild.

It has to be this year

Surely. What else could Bluepoint be doing?

Love reading video game articles

Especially if they’re written in a way that targets an audience that has no idea about video games. It’s always a treat.

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