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In case you missed it at Shacknews:

  • Star Wars strategy game among three franchise titles in development at Respawn
  • Valve’s Dynamic Cloud Sync to allow easy save transfer between Steam Deck & PC
  • Chip designer Arm may step up plans for IPO if NVIDIA deal fails
  • Several Kirby Amiibo getting reprints ahead of Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s release
  • Raven Software restructures QA team amid unionization move
  • Final Fantasy 14 director plans to continue work on the game for the next 10 years
  • Blizzard is developing a survival game set in a new universe
  • Electronic Arts reportedly done with Star Wars after three confirmed Respawn titles
  • Rainbow Six Extraction to offer all owners a Buddy Pass Thursday
  • Microsoft (MSFT) Q2 2022 earnings results beat revenue and EPS expectations

And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

A totally normal conversation about NFTs

Here’s your NFT cringe clip of the day.

Massive ears on this rabbit

Bunnelby, is that you?

Throwing a chancla at a hispanic mom

One of the most dangerous things a man can (attempt) to do.

What kind of game is this?

These mobile game ads are really getting weirder by the day.

Thanking Mama Kelce after the Kansas City W

Giving thanks where it’s due for the greatest tight end in the league.

New World is getting more endgame content

It’ll be interesting to see how Expedition Mutators shake things up.

New Halo series trailer coming this weekend

We’re getting a fresh look at the Paramount Plus Halo series during the AFC Championship!

Happy birthday Celeste!

This awesome indie turns 4 years old today!

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