Shacknews! It has been an eventful week for yours truly, but I have returned and am here to send you all into the weekend with some Evening Reading.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

  • Rainbow Six Extraction injects Siege’s tactics to a Left 4 Dead formula
  • Capcom Cup 2022 canceled due to COVID-19 concerns
  • Apple Silicon engineer who lead ARM transition to M1 chips hired by Intel
  • Sega is interested in NFT partnerships, wary of negative reactions
  • Amazon’s Fallout TV series gets Westworld director & goes into production
  • Mario Kart 9 rumored to be in development with a ‘twist’
  • Shack Chat: What is your 2022 New Year’s gaming resolution?

And, because it’s the weekend, go find yourself something to play!

  • Weekend Console Download Deals for Jan. 7: New Year’s sales
  • Weekend PC Download Deals for Jan. 7: Steam and Epic sale aftermaths

Around the gaming horn

Minecraft Dungeons is now doing seasons, so if you or your kids are still playing this, check this dev diary out to learn more.

PC players, your time is almost at hand. After nine months of Switch exclusivity, Monster Hunter Rise is out next week.

If you like doggos, this promises to be the game for you! And it’s almost here!

And this last one for the arcade collectors among you, as we get the reveal of a Centipede machine!

And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

This is not how you play Operation

(Minor content warning for this one, so skip ahead if you’re even the slightest bit squeamish.)

I hope I don’t wind up with this doctor whenever I end up needing surgery.

Cats are dicks

This is our subtle way of reminding you to download Shackpets.

Wordle Mania summed up

We’re all over Wordle ourselves, so make sure and browse through our Wordle topic.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Weeknd

The new album is out NOW and it’s pretty damn good! If you missed the premiere on Twitch last night, here it is in full.

Also, this is us.

Awesome Games Done Quick is this weekend!

We’ll have the daily schedules up, as per usual, here at Shacknews. Be here Sunday when the fun begins!


I mean… the human body’s not supposed to bend that way. No wonder the dude’s screaming.


Look at this Jackass!

Tonight in video game music

Back in early November, I talked about going to The Video Game Metal Shredventure concert live. Well, here it is! It’s the Seattle show in full. If you like video game covers that melt your face off, you’ll love this! Enjoy!

That’s your Evening Reading to send you into the second weekend of 2022. Keep the spirit of Evening Reading alive by jumping into the comments about whatever you see here or whatever randomness you’d like to discuss. Join the conversation and jump into the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below. I’ll see you all next week!