Exclusive look at Irreverent teases a crisis of faith at a bar

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In Peacock’s Irreverent, Colin Donnell stars as a criminal mediator who is forced to leave Chicago after committing a murder. Forced to fly out of the country, Donnell ends up at a bar and meets a man of God who will unexpectedly change his life.

In this exclusive look at Irreverent, Mr. Keegan (Donnell) sits at the bar with the talkative and intrusive Reverend Mackenzie Boyd (PJ Byrne) for a drink. While the Reverend believes the universe is sending him a sign about their encounter, Keegan quickly shuts that idea down, even going so far as to deny the existence of God. As the dejected Reverend questions his faith, Keegan tells him to “stop looking for God to give you something and go take it for yourself.”

Eventually, Keegan’s travels will take him to Far North Queensland to become the town’s clergyman as circumstances allow him to take on the identity of Reverend Boyd. “Mack” will now have to assume the responsibilities of the Reverend to maintain his cover. While the mob begins its hunt, Mack eventually warms up to the town and starts to bond with the residents, something he could have never imagined previously.

Created by Paddy Macrae, Irreverent combines elements of a crime saga with a fish-out-of-water premise, resulting in a series that is as funny as it is dramatic. Co-starring alongside Donnell and Byrne are Kylie Bracknell, Briallen Clarke, Tegan Stimson, Ed Oxenbould, Wayne Blair, Russell Dykstra, Calen Tassone, and Jason Wilder. Andrew Knight, Debbie Lee, Alastair McKinnon will executive produce on the project. Irreverent stems from Matchbox Pictures, which is part of Universal International Studios, as a co-production between Peacock and Netflix Australia. It will be distributed by NBCUniversal Global Distribution.

Irreverent premieres on Thursday, November 30 on Peacock. All ten episodes will drop at once.

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