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Farming Simulator 22 Year 1 Season Pass info & timeline

Here’s a breakdown of the Farming Simulator 22 Year 1 Season Pass, including the timeline for each content release.

For those enjoying their time in Farming Simulator 22, the Year 1 Season Pass is something to ponder buying. Virtual farmers will be getting several content drops throughout 2022, and anyone serious about the game and sticking with it throughout the next 12 months could find value. Today, we’re going to look at what’s included with the Year 1 Season Pass.

Year 1 Season Pass

Farming Simulator 22 Year 1 Season Pass
Image Credit: Farming Simulator 22

The Year 1 Season Pass for Farming Simulator 22 will set you back $39.99 USD, or an even $50 CAD if you’re in Canada. It comes with five pieces of content, four large and one small. Here’s what the Year 1 Season Pass includes:

  • Zetor 25 K
  • Pack 1: New vehicles for your farm!
  • Pack 2: This will drive you crazy!
  • Pack 3: Get things done more efficiently!
  • Platinum Expansion: A new map and a plethora of machines await you!

Now, what’s missing here is information, right? All of this is quite vague considering it’s asking you to spend between $40 and $50 depending on your location. Even the Zetor 25 K is only $0.99 USD, or $1.25 CAD, and can be purchased standalone right now. On its own, the Zetor 25 K is no reason to buy the Year 1 Season Pass. Plus, when is all this content coming? Do you even need to buy the pass right now?

  • Zetor 25 K: Available
  • Pack 1: Winter 2021/2022
  • Pack 2: Spring 2022
  • Pack 3: Summer 2022
  • Platinum Expansion: Fall 2022

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we have on what the Farming Simulator 22 Year 1 Season Pass will include. My advice is that you should wait until Pack 1 is revealed in detail to see if you’re interested and still playing. Spending $40 to $50 – after you’ve already purchased the base game – with almost no details on what your money gets you, is not wise. On the other hand, if you’re a massive fan of the series, know that you’re in no matter what and want to support the developers, buy it up. It’s completely up to you, but I’m in no rush at this point.

We’ll be continuing to cover Farming Simulator 22 over the coming days, weeks, and months. Be sure to return to Shacknews often to see how our crops are holding up.