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Fortnite adds Tilted Towers and the legendary Klombos

At long last, Tilted Towers has returned to Fortnite.

Despite several years’ worth of map changes and events, no Fortnite location is more iconic than Tilted Towers. It’s been years since the POI was featured on the game’s map, and fans have been awaiting its return ever since. That day has finally come, as Epic Games has added Tilted Towers to Fortnite in its latest update, along with a peculiar new creature known as Klombos.

After a long wait, Tilted Towers came back to Fortnite in update v19.10. Located at the center of the map, northeast of Greasy Grove, players can find the beloved POI in all its glory. In recent seasons, we’ve seen new locations that take inspiration from Tilted Towers, but this is the original. A popular landing spot in the game’s earlier seasons, Tilted Towers developed a reputation for being an area with a lot of loot and a lot of enemies to fight. Its location near the center of the map also meant that it typically saw a lot of players over the course of a match.

In addition to Tilted Towers, the latest Fortnite update adds a new creature named Klombos to the game. This race of legendary beasts can be found around Battle Royale Island, but are actually peaceful and pose no threat to players. You can climb their tails to go on their back and reach the top of their heads, which has a blowhole that will shoot you high into the sky, allowing for a re-deploy.

Klombos will also sneeze out items after eating. You can feed them just about anything, but feeding them Klomberries will lead them towards you and calm them down if they’ve been provoked.

Though Tilted Towers won’t likely be around forever, it’s nice to see the classic location back in all its glory. The Klombos are an interesting addition, one that may have ties to the overarching lore of the battle royale game. For more on Fortnite, stick with us here on Shacknews.