GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 20th Anniversary GPU Gets Carbon Fiber Variant Priced at $2880, Also Unveils Single-Slot 4060 Ti

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GALAX has actually revealed its GeForce RTX 4090 20th Anniversary Edition GPUs that include a Limited Edition Carbon Fiber version that costs nearly $3K.

GALAX's New 20th-Anniversary GPUs Employ a Top-Down Design, With a Carbon Fiber Twist In Limited Flavors

The brand-new flagship GeForce RTX 4090 20th Anniversary Edition GPUs include a top-down style, which was formerly just leveraged by NVIDIA's referral designs. GALAX means to commemorate its two-decade anniversary in design, showcasing "distinct" designs of NVIDIA's flagship Ada GPU. The GPU embraces an enormous quad-slot cooler with a triple-fan setup and even can be found in "Carbon Fiber" aesthetic appeals which is an addition to the white-colored variation.

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Expanding on the top-down style, the GALAX GeForce RTX 4090 20th Anniversary GPU uses 2 100mm fans at the front with the 20th-anniversary branding, together with a 100mm fan at the back too, to finish the total air flow cycle. To make the" Carbon Fiber Edition "alternative stand apart, GALAX has actually bumped up the clock

speeds which are now at 2610 MHz from 2595 MHz. While the bump isn't that substantial to reveal a good efficiency uplift, it is still something to discuss. Validating the previous reports, GALAX's GeForce RTX 409020th Anniversary GPU is the very first one to use an HDMI Retimer. An HDMI Retimer is a chip that enhances and supports the transmission of HDMI signals over longer cable television lengths or through complicated signal paths, that makes utilizing the GPU through long-distance wires far more reliable. If you are somebody who has his PC running in a various space and wishes to extend a cable television connection to state your living-room then the retimer chip can certainly serve as signal stability might be lost over large ranges.


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