Galaxy S24 Ultra Could Have the Brightest Display at 2,800, Much Higher Than Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max

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The report mill surrounding the Galaxy S24 series is in full swing, and it is safe to state that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the one that will be receiving the most amount of upgrades. We just recently became aware of how the new flagship will bring a titanium frame, and the other day, we heard that the phone could have a flat display screen instead of a curved one. The latest report that we are hearing is even crazier than the last two and refer to the screen on Samsung’s most current and biggest.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra with 2,800 peak brightness sounds insane, but users would desire more than just numbers to be satisfied

Based upon a conversation in between Ice Universe and Hyacokr Itnyang, who seems in possession of a test system, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen can reach as high as 2,800 nits of peak brightness. This is unbelievable thinking about how nothing in the market, at least at the time of writing, can go as intense as Samsung’s future flagship, and while I would extremely suggest that you take this with a grain of salt, the opportunities are there.

Now, the reason why it is entirely possible is that it is Samsung we are talking about. Apple claims that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max can reach 2,000 nits peak brightness outdoors, Whereas the Galaxy S23 Ultra can reach 1,750 nits. If the report is true, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will strike 2,800, and I don’t think you would need a display that bright. Now, it does raise concerns about how it will affect the battery but don’t worry, as Samsung Display is understood to make certain that the panels are extremely efficient while being top-tier in efficiency.

The reason I recommend that this must be taken with a grain of salt is that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is still a little far from going main, and considering how we are looking at test systems, things can alter, and Samsung could choose a lesser intense screen. Now, if that does happen, there’s nothing wrong. You see, even at 1,750 nits and 2,000 nits, the difference is not that simple to find, a minimum of not with the naked eye, and considering how nits do not scale 100%, you likely will not see much distinction by exceeding 2,000 nits.

The Galaxy S24 series must be going official in the very first quarter of 2024 and will contain a number of enhancements. In the coming months, you can anticipate a heap of leaks surrounding the devices, and be sure to keep inspecting as we will be supplying full protection on whatever that we find out about Samsung’s upcoming flagships.

News Sources: Ice Universe, Hyacokr_Itnyang

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