Galaxy S24 Ultra To Be Lighter Than The Galaxy S23 Ultra By A Negligible Margin, Thanks To The Titanium Alloy Chassis

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Samsung may ditch using aluminum and glass next year, relocating to titanium alloyfor the Galaxy S24 Ultra. One advantage of changing to this product is that it is lightweight, but according to one tipster, the distinction in between the upcoming flagship and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to be minimal.

Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to be simply one gram lighter than the Galaxy S23 Ultra, in spite of transferring to titanium

With its aluminum and glass build, the Galaxy S23 Ultra weighs 234 grams on the scale, and according to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will only be a gram lighter, bringing the weight down to 233 grams. For some, that is not even a distinction worth writing on paper, however there may be a method Samsung can spin it around on its marketing product by specifying it utilized titanium alloy. The tipster discusses in his post that the middle frame will be made of titanium, which would discuss the minor weight difference in between the 2 smartphones.

Presuming that Samsung used a whole shell made of the exact same product, the weight would have been considerably lower, but it is possible that only the middle frame is being used to save money on production expenses. For those that do not know, titanium is a costly material to obtain and utilize, which is why all mobile phone makers have refrained from using it. However, with Apple announcing the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, both of which will feature a titanium alloy, it will not be long prior to rivals start embracing this material in their own flagships.

The post does not use any extra info, such as if the Galaxy S24 Ultra will use the exact same Grade 5 titanium that Apple is rumored to use on its premium iPhones or if Samsung intends to source a lower-quality version. In any case, we need to have more details relating to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s follower in the future, so remain tuned.

News Source: Ice Universe

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