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GameStop (GME) skips Q&A session on Q3 2021 earnings call

GameStop’s (GME) Q3 2021 earnings call went off without any Q&A segment.

The GameStop Q3 2021 earnings call was where the gaming retailer broke down its financial performance over the past few months, detailing the highs and lows of its business. A major portion of a company earnings call is the Q&A portion that usually comes towards the end, where investors directly ask leadership their burning questions about any aspect of the company’s business. However, GameStop’s (GME) Q3 2021 earnings call did not feature any Q&A segment.

GameStop (GME) held its Q3 2021 earnings call on December 8, 2021. The call was incredibly brief, only lasting for several minutes. It was in the opening statements of the call that GameStop announced that it would not be holding any Q&A segment. It was surely a disappointment to many investors, as this is typically where we get some of the most interesting interactions. Investors often ask the questions that have been on the mind of the public, bringing up topics that wouldn’t otherwise be discussed.

GameStop’s decision to not hold a Q&A session during its Q3 2021 earnings call may be a disappointment, but it’s not a surprise. The company neglected to hold such a session in other recent earnings calls as well. The massive conversation surrounding the stock and its short squeeze may be the reason for the decision, as GameStop has made a deliberate choice not to discuss such matters during earnings calls.

Q3 2021 was an interesting one for GameStop, as the company pulled in impressive sales numbers, but revenue came in below expectations. GameStop also announced that it has $1.4 billion in cash on hand following a $300 million cashflow over the past few months.