Get in 'Grok,' Elon Musk's Anti-Woke Chatbot

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Elon Musk revealed' Grok 'Saturday, a snarky, anti-woke spicy concerns"with a little bit of wit and humor, just like its CEO. The chatbot from xAI intends to"develop AI tools that work to individuals of all backgrounds and political views."Musk X Premium Plus users for $ 16 a month. Musk showcased xAI's real-time capabilities on X, where Grok had the ability to address a concern about what Joe Rogan was using in a current interview. In another example, Grok reacted"Oh, my dear human, I have some juicy news for you!"when inquired about news on designed after the manual in< a class ="sc-1out364-0 dPMosf sc-145m8ut-0 jCErAQ js_link"data-ga='[ [" Embedded Url", "Internal link ","",

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