Getting TIE Fighter: Total Conversion working deserves the hassle and the $10.

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Chasing an X-Wing fighter from inside a TIE

It had actually been a long, long while considering that I last suited up for the Empire and shot up some X-wings. At least 25 years, truly, and probably a couple of more. Star Wars: TIE Fighter was a peak for LucasArts, however likewise for the quantity of time and energy a specific teenage Ars Technica writer could commit to finding out the attack patterns of Rebel squadrons.

When I saw just recently that a rather massively scaled "Total Conversion" of TIE Fighter had actually launched a new upgrade, it felt like as excellent a time as any to jump back in the cockpit. Connect Fighter: Total Conversion (TFTC) is an almost overall remake of TIE Fighter, inside the more-advanced engine of its follow up, X-Wing Alliance, piggybacking off that game's own huge fan-made modernization.

< iframe style="display screen: block "type="text/html"width= "980"height ="550"src ="" frameborder="0"allowfullscreen > What Total Conversion

  • guarantees is still TIE Fighter, but with: Upgraded training missions to settle you into Alliance's differences
  • Nine of the 13 duty projects offered for play
  • Big visual upgrades and overhauls, including lighting impacts and 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Remastered soundtrack

Considered that a Windows copy of X-Wing Alliance is $10 on Steam or GOG, I chose to give it a go. If you do similarly, I advise you to set aside a little time to get it working and make the effort to both fully read the directions and a minimum of skim through my own travails getting it all going.

The sheer amount of file work being done by this mod is kind of astounding to watch.

Let's get this 1994 game working inside a 1999 game and spiff it up! The basic order of things is: Install TIE Fighter from Steam, GOG, or your original X-Wing Alliance CD(keep in mind the extra steps in the guide for that a person, you splendid archivist). Download and set up the X-Wing Alliance Update 2020 Mega Patch(however not the later spots, those will be covered by later installs). You'll need to point it to your video game's installation folder, generally accessible within game properties on Steam and GOG.

  • As of this writing, set up TFTC 1.3, then the 1.3.3 patch (likewise indicating your X-Wing Alliance folder), choosing the "Clean X-Wing Alliance" choice for each.
  • Run the "Alliance" executable from inside your game folder to raise the game launcher.
  • Select "Palpatine Total Converter" from the list of buttons.
  • Choose "Convert TFTC," then choose either a "Classic" or "Reimagined" conversion.
  • "Classic" is what it sounds like, with as numerous elements of the original game kept in place. Reimagined benefits from Alliance's upgraded engine and includes some other tweaks. The majority of Reimagined's modifications include higher limits on the number of ships, torpedoes, and the like, and more "sensible" touches, like countermeasures and engine wash damage. The most significant modification is that your ship can completely steer while at complete speed versus the one-third limitation of the original video game.

    Now, a couple of notes about the procedure:

    • The core TFTC file is big and downloaded from a not-too-speedy area. It's complimentary work from volunteers, so simply set aside the time.
    • If you want to utilize a mouse rather of a joystick or gamepad, click the option for "Babu Frik's Configurator" from the launcher and allow "Virtual joystick," and choose from sensitivity alternatives.
    • Windows may require to install Direct Play if you don't have it installed on first launch.
    • Do not introduce the video game from within Steam or GOG, but attempt to release it from its set up folder or you may get an instant crash.
    A long time ago ( 1994 ), in a galaxy far, far away (DOS) ...

    How does it actually play? Star Wars TIE Fighter $ 10 at GOG( Ars Technica may make compensation for sales from links on this post through affiliate programs.)

    There's a lot more you can alter and fine-tune from inside the Configurator. However all of the above actions need to get you to the point where a modern sort of TIE Fighter is filled and operating on your Windows 10/11 system.

    As soon as I recognized why I couldn't move or shoot (having to allow the mouse as a "virtual joystick" in the Configurator), I might go through a few of the training missions. I significantly missed out on having a pilot-style joystick available for this replay (though it's awaiting me whenever I want). However even with a mouse, I had the ability to get back in the groove of targeting, approaching, speed-matching, then dogfighting all those positive, democracy-minded, hopelessly supportive Rebel flyers.

  • I value the work of the Total Conversion team, particularly as they continue to upgrade their work years after the preliminary release. From their trailer, it appears like there's a lot more personalization I can do and much more remarkable visuals to see when I actually start, you understand, fighting great deals of various fighters and ships. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be on eBay, trying to find the right joystick that makes my inevitable replay even more reasonable.
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