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Ghostwire: Tokyo makes it official: Launches on PS5 in March

Tango Gameworks is ready to follow up The Evil Within in its latest horror thriller on PS5 in March.

Fans of Bethesda’s Evil Within series have been waiting eagerly for a follow-up game from developer Tango Gameworks. Their wishes are soon to become reality as the team announced earlier today that Ghostwire: Tokyo now has an official release date. March 25, 2022, is the date that Tango fans need to make on their calendars for the release of the game exclusively on PS5.

The public got its first glimpse of Ghostwire: Tokyo way back in 2019 as a part of Bethesda’s E3 Showcase presentation. While that initial glimpse was mostly pre-rendered material made to establish the tone and feel of the project, it still managed to kick up lots of buzz online. In subsequent appearances, bits of gameplay have been shown off here and there.

There was some controversy surrounding the release and its PS5 limited-time console exclusivity, particularly since Microsoft acquired Zenimax-Bethesda last year. While Tango Gameworks properties do now fall under the Xbox umbrella, the original terms of the deal Bethesda made with Sony will remain. Ghostwire: Tokyo will be PS5-exclusive for one year.

While Xbox owners may be left out of the fun until Spring of 2023, Tango Gameworks has also prepped Ghostwire: Tokyo for launch on PC. It is expected to arrive day-and-date with the PS5 version on March 25. 

Sony plans on showcasing the game heavily in an online presentation scheduled to start Thursday at 5:00 p.m. ET/2:00 p.m. PT on its official YouTube channel.