A console match for a Queen. 


Have you actually dreamed of playing Wii tennis on a 24-karat gold Wii made with regard to Queen Elizabeth II? 

No? Well, if by opportunity a person said yes, you now have the possibility to purchase that exact gaming console for any whopping $300,500 on eBay

A collector who passes Donny is selling the fantastic Wii, writing in the auction web sites listing that last year, movie game company THQ produced the particular console for the particular queen to promote the launch of its Big Family Games line. In 2017, Donny says, he was capable to buy the Wii, but “kept it really low profile for two years.” That had been until 2019, when makers from the YouTube station People Make Games dug into the particular sale and interviewed Donny about his purchase. 

Now Donny says in a good interview with Consolevariations.possuindo, “The reasons why I was selling it is basic: Moving on with existence.” He added: “When I actually come home, I do not get to spend the lot of ‘me time’ so I would such as to take the action and move on.”

Donny wrote on eBay that will the console still functions and is in great condition. 

Nintendo stated in 2013 it had been ceasing production of the particular once popular Wii, which usually launched in 2006 plus sold over 100 mil units.