Google Has Finally Updated the Android Brand with a New Logo and a 3D Robot

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Earlier this year, we found out about how Google is upgrading the Android brand name with a brand-new logo design, and we may likewise get to see a brand-new 3D robotic. Well, the online search engine giant has actually lastly validated these modifications and we now have our very first take a look at the brand-new logo design, in addition to a brand-new 3D robotic that looks a lot more modern-day than in the past.

The current Android logo design looks a lot more modern-day, with the font style likewise getting a facelift

Google describes that the brand-new branding is going to “assist link Android to Google”, and it likewise is a follow-up to the last modification we saw back in 2019. In a declaration published on its blog site, Google discusses how the business is taking a look at future objectives with this modification and how it is crucial for the business that individuals can utilize its platform for several usage cases.

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Each time we revamp our branding, we examine not just altering requirements, however likewise future objectives. We understand individuals today desire more option and autonomy, and we desire our brand name to be reflective of Android: something that provides individuals the liberty to develop on their terms. As an open platform, it’s essential that both our innovation and brand name are an invite for individuals to develop, link and do more with Google on Android gadgets.

Google has actually talked about how the brand-new Android branding takes motivation from its own Material style that it has actually been utilizing. You no longer see the lowercase text. This leads to the log bring more weight and an appropriate look of its own instead of seeming like an afterthought.

While we’ve included more curves and character distinct to Android, the brand-new Android stylization more carefully mirrors Google’s logo design and produces balance in between the 2. We hope these little however substantial updates to the Android typeface will much better interact the relationship in between Android gadgets and the Google apps and services individuals currently understand.

You can take a look at the brand-new Android robotic or the Bugdroid listed below.

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