Google’s Tensor G4 To Be A Minor Upgrade Over The Tensor G3, Will Likely Stick With Samsung’s Exynos Design Next Year

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The Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro might not get a significant chipset upgrade next year, with a brand-new report specifying that the Tensor G4 powering the flagships’ innards will have small upgrades over the Tensor G3. This can indicate that Google will count on Samsung’s Exynos style while likewise sticking to the South Korean company’s production procedure rather of heading in TSMC’s instructions.

Tensor G4 is likewise reported to include the very same ARM GPU as the Tensor G3, bringing absolutely no visual enhancements

A report released by Kamila Wojciechowska on Android Authority discusses that according to a Google Insider, the Tensor G4 brings the codename ‘Zuma Pro,’ while the Tensor G3 is codenamed ‘Zuma.’ The resemblances in codenames suffice proof that the G4 will be a little upgrade over the G3, so the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro will once again lag the competitors.

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Furthermore, Revegnus has actually published on X that even in the GPU department, the Tensor G4 will not bring any upgrades over its predecessor, sticking to the exact same ARM Immortalis-G715 part, recommending that the SoC launch next year will be a frustrating one. It is possible that Google does not want to invest more resources in 2024 as it extends its focus towards the long run, where it will present its first-ever fully-custom chipset, called the Tensor G5.

From the appearances of it, Google has a long-lasting strategy to take on Apple in bringing a customized chipset to its Pixel 10 and Pixel 10 Pro. The Tensor G5 is not anticipated to release prior to 2025, however the benefit here is that TSMC is stated to standardize the customized service rather of Samsung, implying that Google might lastly equal its rivals in enhanced performance-per-watt.

The report points out that the Tensor G5 is codenamed ‘Laguna Beach,’ with the advancement board internally called ‘Deepspace.’ It ought to be kept in mind that formerly, the G5 was codenamed ‘Redondo’; this modification has more significance than one would think. For beginners, Google will not be accountable for the chipset developing part, a duty that is presently done by Samsung. It is frustrating that the Tensor G4 will not be a significant upgrade, the future for Google’s chip department appears appealing.

News Source: Android Authority

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