Hamburger recall: Return these beef hamburgers for a refund immediately

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When a food maker produces products without the benefit of USDA assessment, there's a risk of product recalls as soon as inspectors eventually discover the products. That's what happened with specific New Universal Nourishment hamburger patty products that are part of a new recall.

USDA inspection accredits that food products were produced in compliance with existing guidelines and are safe to take in. Without that accreditation, we have no other way of knowing if food is safe to consume. That's why it's a good concept to look for the USDA's mark of examination and establishment (EST number) on certain food products (meat, poultry, and eggs).

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.);. New Universal hamburger

recall The company started the recall of 368 pounds of beef hamburger patties this previous week. The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) launched the recall announcement at this link.

New Universal hamburger recall: Front of "MIAMI Burgers 6 BEST ANGUS BEEF" package.

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  • =" 1448w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 1024w, 77w" sizes =" (max-width: 1448px) 100vw, 1448px "> The hamburger patties were repackaged, relabeled, and
  • dispersed without the advantage of evaluation. The producer repackaged or relabeled the items on June 28th. The following items are consisted of in the New Universal recall action: 2-lb. boxes consisting of" MIAMI Burgers 6

BEST ANGUS BEEF "with an expiration date of 2/27/2023 and" CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF "guard on the label. 10-lb. boxes consisting of" MIAMI Burgers BEST ANGUS BEEF with a production date of" FEBRUARY 04TH, 2022" and" CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF" on the label. New Universal sold the hamburgers in this recall via retail locations in Florida.

The items have the establishment number "EST. 451B" inside the USDA mark of assessment. However the recalling firm is a supplier. It's not licensed to use the marks of inspection for Establishment 451B. The hamburger recall statement likewise keeps in mind that the items bear an unverifiable claim that they're certified Angus beef.

When it received a problem reporting the item including a mark of assessment label that the coming from company did not apply, the FSIS found the problem. The company determined the distributor repackaged and relabeled the hamburger patty products without in fact going through an assessment. They used the mark of inspection from an establishment without correct authorization.

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What you need to do

The hamburger recall announcement notes there were no reports of unfavorable responses related to these products. People who are stressed over adverse reactions should call a doctor.

New Universal hamburger recall: Front of "MIAMI Burgers BEST ANGUS BEEF" package.

The FSIS prompts purchasers not to eat hamburgers from this New Universal recall.

Instead, they should return the product to the place of purchase or throw it out. If you require to connect to New Universal, check out the USDA's recall announcement at this link for contact information. The hamburger recall report also consists of contact info for the USDA's Meat and Poultry Hotline and the online Electronic Consumer Complaint Monitoring System.

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