Helldivers 2 Delayed to February 8, 2024 for PC and PS5

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Arrowhead’s Helldivers 2 appeared when again on Sony’s State of Play broadcast. The video game was initially revealed throughout May’s broadcast for a 2023 release; nevertheless, it has actually gotten a small hold-up and will now debut on February 8, 2024 for PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5.

Pre-orders will open next week on September 22. Gamers will have the chance to pick in between the Standard Edition and the Super Citizen Edition. The latter consists of numerous additional goodies, such as:

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  • Will of individuals cape
  • DP-53 Savior of the Free armor set
  • MP-98 Knight submachine weapon
  • Super Citizen status for the character
  • Stratagem Hero ship mini-game

The Super Citizen Edition likewise grants access to the Premium Warbond for Steeled Veterans, that includes:

  • AR-23E Liberator Explosive weapon
  • SA-32 Dynamo armor set
  • Super Person emote
  • And more

All Helldivers 2 pre-orders featured the following armor sets:

  • TR-7 Ambassador of the Brand
  • TR-62 Knight
  • TR-9 Cavalier of Democracy

Helldivers 2 preserves the core principle of the initial video game while considerably altering the perspective from top-down to third-person. Here’s a short introduction shared by Arrowhead:

Players can choose how to remove each opponent rise utilizing a wide variety of offending and protective tools. As you total objectives, you’ll have the ability to update your ship and develop a much more outstanding toolbox. Whatever from guard generators to turrets to massive airstrikes can be utilized to provide your group the advantage.

Real to our co-op roots at Arrowhead, we’ve made sure Helldivers 2 has our finest cooperative gameplay. Partnership will be crucial: groups will synergize on loadouts, plan their technique for each objective, and total goals together. For optimum difficulty and cooperation, friendly fire is constantly on. Interact with your squadmates and make certain those roaming bullets and mines remove the genuine enemies.

Are you thrilled to impose democracy throughout the galaxy?

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