Here is How the Galaxy S24 Ultra Could End Up Looking with a Flat Screen

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The Galaxy S24 Ultra has actually ended up being the talk of the town ever since we heard the rumor that the phone might end up featuring a flat screen. Now, this does sound like something of a downgrade, but flatter display screens are usually chosen by a lot of individuals, and they are technically better in such a way that they don’t have any ghost-touch issues. You likewise don’t face color contorting around the edges, and most significantly, they are a lot more resilient and have better compatibility with screen protectors. While it is still unconfirmed, a brand-new render has actually popped up showing us how Samsung’s flagship might wind up looking.

The Galay S24 Ultra with a flat-screen looks a lot more refined and superior

The render is originating from Ice Universe, and it deserves noting that it is far from last since the phone is still not out yet, and more accurate renders will start appearing towards the end of the year. What this render does program is that the Galaxy S24 Ultra could pack a flat display screen, and honestly, I enjoy how it looks. You can have a look at the render below.

Honestly, the Galaxy S24 Ultra looks so much better with a flat screen. The bezels are in proportion, and there is a total enhancement in the completing and look of the device. Naturally, this is simply an early render, and we can not verify if this is going to be the final design, but if Samsung is selling this, then I am surely getting my hands on the phone once it launches next year.

The something that surprises me more is the reality that Samsung has actually been using curved displays for as long as we can keep in mind. The base Galaxy S designs ship with curved screens, too. However why the sudden change of heart and a relocation towards a flat display screen? I suppose we will discover more about the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the coming months, however so far, it does look like a beautiful gadget with a flat-screen. A current pointer recommended that the new phone is going to have the least expensive screen-to-body ratio. So, whatever the South Korean firm is doing, it is at minimal that we are visiting some modifications to the overall measurements of the phone, making it simpler to deal with.

News Source: Ice Universe

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