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How long does it take to beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Here’s how long it will take you to beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is quite different from any Pokemon game that we’ve gotten in the past. Going open-world breathes new life in the series, allowing players to truly play at their own pace. This abandonment of the linear design means that everyone will have a slightly different path to rolling credits on the game. Let’s look at how long it takes to beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

How long does it take to beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

It will take you between roughly 20-25 hours to beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus and roll credits on the game. Although there is a lot to do in the post-game, you’ve technically “beat” the game when the end credits roll. If you primarily focus on the main story missions, only completing a handful of Requests here and there, you’ll have no issue beating the game around the 20 hour mark.

However, if you’re somebody that doesn’t like to leave any stone unturned, exploring every inch of the Hisui region’s main areas and completing all of the Requests that you come across, you’ll easily blow past 30 hours without seeing the credits roll. I was at 32 hours when I officially beat Pokemon Legends: Arceus, though a lot of that time was spent doing research for guides and interacting with most of the game’s NPCs.

Without Gyms and the Elite 4, it can be a bit difficult to gauge your progress towards completion of the game. If you go to your inventory and check your ID Card, you can see just how many hours you’ve put into the game. You can also see how many Nobles you have defeated out of the 5 encountered throughout the story. This should give you a pretty good idea as to how close you are to beating the game. For more helpful Pokemon Legends: Arceus guides, Shacknews has you covered.