How Not to Fire a CEO: Microsoft Becomes the King of AI After the Weekend "Circus Show" as OpenAI Crumbles From Within

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A "juvenile 4-person board" and "kids' poker" are a few of the words being bandied about today as the whole social networks jointly appears with hot handles the power moves that taken place over the weekend, relegating the erstwhile peak predator of the world of generative expert system to the dustbin of history as Microsoft rises the proverbial throne while treading on OpenAI's falling apart carcass.

What Happened?

OpenAI Microsoft Sam Altman

Related Story Starfield Update Officially Adds DLSS 3 Support, Improves GPU Optimization, and More As we reported on Friday, OpenAI's board of directors fired its then-CEO, Sam Altman, with nary a previous notification for not being"regularly honest," an intentionally unclear charge that right away set the proverbial tongues wagging on social networks. Not long after, OpenAI's President and Co-founder, Greg Brockman, likewise resigned by means of a terse post on X. This relocation let loose a craze of conversations in between all leading stakeholders, consisting of OpenAI's biggest investor, Microsoft.

For a time on Saturday, it appeared that Altman would go back to OpenAI. Those hopes, nevertheless, have now been rushed. I'm very thrilled to have you sign up with as CEO of this brand-new group, Sam, setting a brand-new rate for development. We've found out a lot for many years about how

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