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How to get Old World Money quickly – Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Make a lot of Old World Money in Dying Light 2 so you can buy whatever you want from the vendors.

Despite being in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, the good people of Dying Light 2 still use Old World Money to buy and sell items. Earning a lot of Old World Money quickly is going to be important for players, especially if they want to buy powerful weapons and improve schematics and blueprints. If you know where to look and what to sell, it’s easy to make a lot of money very quickly.

Earn Old World Money quickly

The best way to make a lot of Old World Money quickly in Dying Light 2 is to sell a lot of your excess gear at a vendor. Things like unwanted weapons, old armor, and even consumables you don’t want will fetch a pretty penny. The first vendor you will likely find is at the Bazaar inside the church. Go up and offload anything you no longer want.

dying light 2 make money quickly
Visit merchants often to sell all the valuable items and any unwanted weapons and armor.

Dying Light 2 also has something it calls valuable items. These are knick knacks that you will pick up as you’re scavenging throughout the city. Valuable items are not used in crafting and can’t be used to modify a weapon – they’re just for selling. Always take the time to search and loot every chest, container, and body, as it might have one of these items. When you visit a vendor, look in the bottom right corner and press the appropriate button to sell all of these valuable items.

To take advantage of these two systems, you should try and pick up everything you see, even weapons you don’t need. Furthermore, avoid fighting when you’re out looting, that way you’re not breaking weapons and using new ones. However, if you cannot avoid a fight, at least make sure you know how to repair weapons. Also, once you find a bow, don’t accidentally sell it unless you manage to get a backup.

It’s also important not to get too attached to weapons and gear early on in Dying Light 2. Sometimes it’s best to just sell a bunch of weapons and armor, even if you like them. You’ll eventually get something that’s even better. Just don’t go selling the shirt off your back, as the armor is needed to keep you alive.

Making a lot of Old World Money quickly in Dying Light 2 is going to come down to how thoroughly you search the city. Every item you pick up is potentially a few more dollars in your pocket. If you’re looking for more tips, head over to our Dying Light 2 page.