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How to move the Babble Royale screen

Here’s how you can quickly move your screen around in Babble Royale.

Babble Royale takes the classic Scrabble format and gives it the battle royale treatment. After landing on the board, players have to quickly expand upon their starting point forming new words, as new letters are deposited into their inventory over time. They’ll also need to avoid getting stuck in the hot zone as it creeps in towards the center of the board. You’ll have to think fast and move faster, which includes knowing how to move your map around.

How to move the Babble Royale screen

To move your map around in Babble Royale, hold down the right mouse button and drag your mouse. This will drag your screen around, allowing you to take a look at what the other remaining players are up to. It also lets you see how far away you are from the hot zone. The map isn’t very huge, so you can view the entire thing pretty easily. If you zoom in using the scroll wheel, it will take a lot more mouse movement.

While moving around the screen is useful for getting a read on the rest of the lobby and assessing your risk, it’s valuable time that you could spend creating new words to move further away from the hot zone and/or eliminate opponents. Either way, it’s a simple maneuver that shouldn’t take much to execute.

Now that you know how to move your Babble Royale screen, you can be even quicker in your task to conquer one of the more fascinating spins on the battle royale genre. If you’re interested in checking out Babble Royale, you can download it for free on Steam.