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How to perform all tricks – OlliOlli World

If you need a quick reference point for your OlliOlli World tricks, we have you covered.

OlliOlli World opens up the freedom to perform all sorts of skateboarding tricks. With so much available, it can become slightly overwhelming. If you’re in the heat of the moment, you might not remember what does what. The full list of the game’s tricks is available in the Tricktionary, accessible from the main menu, but you might not always have that at the ready. Just in case, here’s the tricktionary for your reference.

How to perform all tricks – OlliOlli World

Basic, advanced, and special tricks are performed by flicking the left analog stick in a certain direction.

Basic Tricks
Action Keybinding
Ollie Down
Kickflip Left
Heelflip Right
No Comply Up
Front Shove Quarter-circle down/back
Back Shove Quarter-circle down/forward
Varial Flip Quarter-circle back/down
Hardflip Quarter-circle back/up
Varial Heel Quarter-circle forward/down
Inward Heelflip Quarter-circle forward/up

Advanced Tricks
Action Keybinding
360 Front Shove Half-circle down/back/up
Backside 360 Shove Half-circle down/forward/up
360 flip Half-circle back/down/forward
360 Hardflip Half-circle back/up/forward
Laser Flip Half-circle forward/down/back
360 Inward Heelflip Half-circle forward/up/back
540 Front Shove It 3/4-circle down/back/up/forward
Backside 540 Shove 3/4-circle down/forward/up/back
540 Flip 3/4-circle back/down/forward/up
Dolphin Flip 3/4-circle back/up/forward/down
Dragon Flip 3/4-circle forward/up/back/down

Special Tricks
Action Keybinding
Fingerflip Half-circle down/back/up and return to down
Impossible 360 clockwise (starting down)
Front Foot Impossible 360 counter-clockwise (starting down)
Casper Flip Half-circle down/forward/up and return to down
Double Kickflip Half-circle left/down/forward and return to left
720 Flip 360 counter-clockwise (starting left)
Backfoot Flip Half-circle left/up/forward and return to left
Double Heelflip Half-circle left/up/forward and return to left
Sal Flip 360 clockwise (starting right)
Strawberry Milkshake Half-circle right/up/left and return to right
Kickflip Underflip Half-circle up/left/down and return to up
360 Pressure Flip Half-circle up/right/down and return to up
Backfoot Laser Flip Half-circle forward/down/left and go 360 clockwise back to left

Those are the basic tricks. Make sure and use these various combinations when performing grinds and manuals to pull out some additional tricks and add to your combo. This is just the beginning of your OlliOlli World journey and we wish you luck. Follow Shacknews for the latest OlliOlli World stories and all of the latest news and guides.