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How to place markers – Halo Infinite

Here’s how you can place markers to ping enemies, weapons, and locations in Halo Infinite.

As players spend more time in Halo Infinite, they’ll be looking for every possible way to give themself the competitive edge. One of the best ways to do this is through proper communication, which heavily revolves around the marking system, which lets you directly ping and notify teammates of enemies and items. Let’s look at how you can place markers in Halo Infinite.

How to place markers – Halo Infinite

To place a marker in Halo Infinite, press UP on the D-Pad if you are using an Xbox controller and the X key if you’re using a keyboard. Doing so will place a marker at whatever you’re currently looking at. The marker is visible to you and every member of your team, and will also have text that states the specific area of the map that’s being marked.

Markers have a lot of use in Halo Infinite. If you’re trying to enter a potentially dangerous location with some back up, a marker helps your team quickly identify where you are. If you see a weapon on the ground that somebody else might want, placing a marker will alert the entire team to the item’s availability. If you mark an enemy, the marker will appear red to inform allies of a foe’s location. If a teammate kills an enemy you marked, you’ll be given a Mark Assist, which awards 60 score.

There are also voice lines tied to marking. The Spartans don’t speak very often, but they will when a player places a marker on an object or enemy.

That’s how you can place markers in Halo Infinite. It’s an excellent tool for those that don’t want to verbally communicate, and can give your team the upper hand. If you’re looking for more Halo Infinite guide assistance, Shacknews has you taken care of.