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How to wait – Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Learn how to wait in Dying Light 2 so you can pass time and fast-forward to the exact moment you need for a quest or activity.

Waiting in Dying Light 2 is how you will pass time. This is important as some missions will only be available at night, while others may only occur during the day. Because of this day and night cycle, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to wait, fast-forwarding time until the exact moment something becomes available. There are a couple of ways to wait in Dying Light 2, but one of them is probably the best option.

How to wait

To wait in Dying Light 2, find a bed and interact with it. If it is night time, Aiden will sleep until sunrise and if it’s daytime, he will wait until sunset. This is how you can pass time in the game instead of standing around watching the clock in the bottom corner of the screen tick.

dying light 2 how to wait
Use beds found at safehouses to shift between day and night.

Sometimes, you will be able to fast-forward time without being anywhere near a bed. This option is only available when you accept a quest that is happening opposite whatever time it is. More often than not, this will be used to fast-forward time to a night time quest. To do this, accept the quest and then press the on-screen button prompt as soon as you see it. On PC you will need to hold the T key and on console it will be down on the D-pad. If you’ve done it right, time will fast-forward.

dying light 2 fast forward time
When you accept a quest that happens at a different time, you will be given the option to fast-forward time.

However, if you don’t get it right, the fast-forward mechanic won’t work and you will need to find a bed. For this reason, it’s probably best to just use a bed to wait. There are a whole lot to find, especially around windmills, which are one of the first things you should be exploring when you unlock the open world mode.

Now that you know how to wait in Dying Light 2, you can go and explore the locations that are only unlocked at night. Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Dying Light 2 page for more guides.