Huawei Begins Development Of The P70 Flagship For Next Year, Starting With A High Refresh Rate Display, But No Word On Its Chipset

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The success of the Mate 60 series has actually triggered Huawei to start advancement of more recent flagships, with the current report declaring that deal with the P70 has actually begun and a launch slated for 2024. There is no word on which chipset will sustain its innards or if Huawei and SMIC have actually teamed up to produce a brand name brand-new silicon for it.

P70 is likewise reported to include the greatest variety of in your area produced elements

The report explains relating to the P70, with Smart Pikachu on Weibo specifying that the flagship will include a high-frequency eye defense panel. The device translation most likely methods that Huawei is seeking to include a high refresh rate screen for the 2024 premium handset and a high-frequency PWM dimming function. For those that do not understand, PWM, or Pulse Width Modulation, is an innovation used by producers to change the display screen's brightness, however a lower worth can typically trigger extreme eye stress coupled with headaches.

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Some phone makers cut expenses by utilizing a lower PWM frequency on their display screens, however for the P70, Huawei is sparing no expenditure. The report likewise declares that Huawei's very first flagship for 2024 will likewise include the greatest locally-produced elements, as the previous Chinese giant intends to rid reliance on foreign providers by depending on its home grass to provide the essential hardware. Among those elements is the chipset, and with the whole Mate 60 being dealt with to the 7nm Kirin 9000S, which SoC will Huawei pick for the P70?

Those information have actually stayed evasive, suggesting that either Huawei is doing an outstanding task keeping its supply chain mum or the business has little option however to re-use the Kirin 9000S. We have actually heard that Huawei means to reveal its custom-made CMOS sensing unit with the P70, so possibly the business might fine-tune the Mate 60's chip a little, generating extra optimizations when presenting next year's flagship. Naturally, keep in mind that this report needs to be treated with a pinch of salt, as strategies can alter in the blink of an eye, however we will continue upgrading our readers in the future.

News Source: Weibo

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