I just got my bottle of Burnt Hair fragrance from Elon's Boring Co.-- and yes, it smells like death

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You understand that musty smell in an older structure when the heat is turned on in the winter season and begins circulating for the first time in a year? Think of that aroma, however mixed with what I expect it might smell like if you fried the hair of a kid's doll, and then you also add in the odor of a sweaty locker room in which something has actually passed away. That's sort of what singes your nostrils the first time you uncork a bottle of Burnt Hair, the freshly available fragrance from Elon Musk's The Boring Co.-- which I, for some factor, decided to purchase, and for which I have only had the ability to come up with one appropriate usage case thus far.

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( )blogherads. defineSlot(' medrec ',' gpt-dsk-ros-mid-article-uid0' )setTargeting(' pos', [" mid-article"," mid-article1"]. setSubAdUnitPath (" ros);. It's clear to me that all Elon needs to do to prep for his will-they-or-won' t-they cage battle with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is to freely splash some Burnt Hair on himself to enhance his natural musk. Elon does that, and I don't care just how much Zuckerberg has turned himself into a streamlined and toned fighting maker. It'll be game over prior to you can even dash off a quick Threads post about what just transpired. Elon, if you're reading? Charred Hair is your impossible-to-counter weapon against Zuck. Honestly, I do not understand what had me to buy

this ridiculous item, and I also have no concept how I'm going to safely deal with it.

I'm sure I'll consider something when the candles I'm burning have actually lastly vanquished the harmful fumes I stupidly launched into my apartment or condo. Tesla CEO Elon Musk The packaging, by the way, is considerably more thoughtful than a perfume that smells this bad is worthy of. The scent itself can be found in an appealing bottle, nestled inside thoughtful Boring Co. packaging-- upon which is written what I expect is the Burnt Hair motto(" The essence of repugnant desire.") Burnt Hair, naturally, is the most recent in what's been a string of joke products that Elon's companies have launched-- including Tesla-branded Tequila along with The Boring Co.'s Not A Flamethrower. Sadly, for any of you curious souls who may be

interested, Burnt Hair is presently offered out, but attempt not to feel regrettable about it. Simply envision the odor of gas mixed with remorse, and you're midway there.

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. setSubAdUnitPath (" ros );. Do not Miss: Elon threatens to take legal action against Mark Zuckerberg over the Threads app-- here's the letter from Elon's attorney

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