Images of Color-Matched Braided USB-C Cables for iPhone 15 Series Leaked , Hints at Potential iPhone 15 Color Options

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The entire iPhone 15 lineup is expected to introduce a plethora of changes. One of the major additions coming to all four models is the new USB-C port that will come with Thunderbolt capabilities. However, the company also has more tweaks in the works that will enhance the aesthetics of the device as a whole. Leaked images of what appear to be color-matched braided USB-C cables have surfaced online, reaffirming that the iPhone 15 Pro will indeed ditch the Lightning port.

iPhone 15 lineup to ship with color-matched braided USB-C cables as shown in the latest leak

We covered over the weekend how Apple is looking to ditch the standard white-colored cables for the iPhone. Instead, the company is planning to include color-matched cables for the iPhone 15 lineup. Today, an Apple device collector named Kosutami shared the images of the braided USB-C cables that are potentially made for the forthcoming flagship iPhone models.

Each year, Apple introduces new color options with the latest models alongside the standard Silver, Space Gray options. If Apple has decided to color-match the braided USB-C cables with the iPhone 15 lineup, we can speculate on the potential color options ahead of the final release. In the leaked image, we can see that the USB-C cables for the iPhone 15 feature yellow, red, blue, purple, and black color options. Additionally, the color options are lighter in shade, similar to most of the color options that Apple has introduced in the past few years.

Leaked color-matched braided USB-C Cables for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

The leak suggests that the braided cables are designed for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus whereas USB-C will also be available on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The company could offer the new cables on all four models of the iPhone 15 or it could introduce a new material for the iPhone 15 Pro models. However, details are scarce at this stage and the final word rests with Apple.

This is not the first time Apple is playing with color-matched braided cables. The company already sells braided MagSage cables for its MacBook Air lineup. Henceforth, color-matched cables for the iPhone 15 models make a lot of sense for Apple. As mentioned earlier, the leak only mentions the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. The company could introduce the braided cables for the iPhone 15 Pro in darker color options to match the new red or blue color.

Apple will announce the iPhone 15 lineup in the first half of next month, potentially September 12, according to Mark Gurman/ We are also expecting the company to announce its new Apple Watch Series 9 and an upgraded Apple Watch Ultra. Series 9 is expected to come in a new pink color option while the Apple Watch Ultra will feature a dark titanium build.

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