Immortals of Aveum– Combat Tips for Maximizing Your Magical Might

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Immortals of Aveum offers up a rather distinct combat system that combines magical first-person shooting with a variety of traversal abilities and various spells. Aveum’s action can take a while to get used to and there are a variety of mechanics the video game does not explain especially plainly, but don’t stress, we’re here to assist you out. If you keep the following suggestions in mind, you be able to and master Immortals of Aveum’s magical melees with relative ease …

Get out of your Green magic comfort zone Immortals of Aveum offers up 3 streams of magic/weapons– Red weapons are basically shotguns that dispatch heavy close-quarters damage, Blue weapons are your sniper rifles and Green weapons fire off a barrage of homing strikes. Honestly, it’s easy to become nearly addicted to Green attacks, as they’re just so easy to utilize and still relatively powerful. That stated, you’re best off altering things up fairly frequently. Use your Red weapon if enemies get too close to you. If an opponent or employer’ powerlessness is exposed and you have any shooting skill at all, you need to most likely target them with your Blue weapon.

Don’t overrely on your shield If you should not get addicted to Green magic, you also should not get overreliant on your guard. Yes, your shield can be a very helpful tool, however do not simply wade into the middle of a crowd of opponents and expect it to hold up. It isn’t that resilient, and as soon as it breaks, you’re without a guard for a few seconds. You’re best to save it up until you see an attack coming you will not be able to evade or you have an opening and want to push your offense. Don’t forget about your Blink evade relocation, as you can utilize it to avoid a large bulk of the attacks directed your method, permitting you to conserve your guard for when you actually require it.

Limpets aren’t simply for resolving puzzles …

One of your “Control” capabilities are Limpits– little green blobs that can be used to slow down targets. At first, you’ll mostly utilize these to solve certain environmental puzzles by slowing down objects, however they can also be utilized in battle. If some baddie’s truly bearing down on you, zap ’em with your Limpets to slow them down and provide yourself time to breathe. Also, when you’ve slowed down an opponent with your Limpets, you can change to your Blue weapon for some accuracy strikes.

… and your Lash isn’t just for platforming

Similar to Limpets, your Lash ability, which you’ll primarily utilize to grapple onto points while platforming, can also be used in fight. Enemies can be lashed, which is especially helpful versus bothersome flying challengers. Grapple onto an opponent, draw them in, then blast them with a close range Red attack.

Try to Spellbreak enemies when you can Immortals of Aveum doesn’t explain it especially well, but the Disrupt Control capability is another one not to neglect in combat. Not only can you use Disrupt to stun enemies, however as the name indicates, you can use it to interrupt magical attacks from opponents. Time it right, and it basically works like a parry, inflicting “Spellbreak”on an enemy. This not just disrupts their spell, however does the baddie some damage.

Save your Fury spells for whittling down mobs

In addition to your Control abilities, you likewise have Fury spells– unique wonderful attacks acquired by taking in mana crystals. In my experience, these aren’t in fact that reliable against managers and big opponents. What they are good for, is destructive several opponents simultaneously, so conserve ’em up until you’re confronted with a large mob then fire off one after another to whittle all the baddies down.

Save Immolate for cigarette smoking effective opponents and managers Lastly, we have your Dominion attack, Immolate, which is opened after you dispense enough damage. When you have a single huge target you want to blister, this attack is essentially the reverse of Fury spells– it’s best used. If you have a sense you’re going to be facing a manager battle soon save among these up, since released at the correct time, a single Immolate attack can deplete a 3rd to a half of an employer’ life bar.

Try to find the Vortex and Timeburst Fury spells if you can

This last one is optional, however I definitely recommend you find the Timeburst and Vortex Fury spells. Timeburst decreases time and Vortex lets you draw all the opponents in a location together so you can smash ’em with a huge attack. Both are crucial and really beneficial to a lot of top-level strategies! Both of these Furies are found off the core golden course, however don’t stress, we’ve assembled some guides on how to open them. Here’s how you discover Timeburst and here’s how you discover Vortex.

There you have it! A couple of tips for having a magically great time kicking ass. Anyone out there playing Immortals of Aveum? Do not hesitate to share your own tips in the remarks.

Immortals of Aveum is available now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can check out Wccftech’s other Immortals of Aveum guides here.

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