Immortals of Aveum– Does the Game Have any Missable Content?

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Immortals of Aveum, the new Unreal Engine 5 fantasy shooter from start-up developer Ascendant Studios, isn’t a full-on open-world video game, however it is chock loaded with collectibles, secrets, and additional difficulties outside of its primary project. So, this raises a question– is there material in Immortals of Aveum you can miss out on? Or can you constantly double back and clean up any material you passed up on? Scroll on for the answer to that concern …

Warning: This short article contains information about the general structure of Immortals of Aveum. No specific story info is revealed, but some might consider this information a small spoiler.

So, exist things you can miss out on in Immortals of Aveum? Thankfully, the response is no! While I can’t guarantee there’s not some small breakable box you can’t miss out on, all the major things– Golden Chests, Legendary Gear, and “Shroudfane” sidequest missions can’t be missed.

Once you’ve finished Immortal of Aveum’s main project, you’ll be gone back to a hub location in the Kalthus area you previously went to quickly before the end of the game. At this moment, you’re complimentary to travel the world through all the game’s websites and clean up any Golden Chests and Shroudfane sidequests you have not taken on yet. There are even a series of special post-game-exclusive Shroudfanes which contain particularly-tough employer battles that will put your character develops to the test. Examine those out to fully 100 percent the video game and claim yourself some badass top-level equipment.

There you are, a basic answer to an easy question. No requirement to worry if you pass by an alluring chest that you can’t rather figure out how to get to. You can always return later on, so feel free to tackle the campaign at your own speed without any FOMO.

Immortals of Aveum is offered now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can take a look at Wccftech’s evaluation of Immortals of Aveum here, our overview of its Unreal Engine 5 tech here, and our other guides for the video game here.

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