Immortals of Aveum– How to Solve the Greyveil Plaza Tower Puzzle Quickly and Easily

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Immortals of Aveum mainly concentrates on action, however it likewise features a number of puzzles, both needed and optional. One of the most vexing of these puzzles in one found in Greyveil, among the early center locations you’ll go to in the video game. This puzzle incorporates a large important-looking tower, different switches, statues, and more, and given that you go to Greyveil frequently, you’ll pass right by this brainteaser frequently. There’s a great chance you’ve already invested a long time attempting in vain to figure it out. Well, do not fret, we’ve got the solution to the Greyveil Plaza puzzle, which is definitely worth fixing as it allows you to take on one of the Six (particularly hard optional late-game managers). Here’s how you get the monkey off your back …

First things first— You’ll need to have opened the Refract capability in order to resolve this puzzle. You’ll gain this capability by completing Immortals of Aveum Chapter 11.

  • Step 1– Okay, so you’ve got Refract opened? Great. Now, let get an ordinary of the land– there’s the tower with numerous radiant crystals connected to protruding metal pieces. Surrounding the tower is a hand holding a crystal prism and 3 color-coded blocks (Red, Green, Blue ). Lets start by connecting with the Green block. This will make the hand with the prism rotate over to that location. Step 2– Now, shoot heaven crystal on the tower. This will cause the bottom section of the tower to turn into a brand-new position. Step 3– Now shoot the Green crystal. This will trigger the leading area of the tower to rotate and the green circular shapes
    • on the side of the tower will come together and light up. Step 4– A set of green eyes will now rise from the ground. Utilize your Refract capability to shine beams through the prism into the 2 Green eyes. Step 5– Move to the Red block and connect with it. The prism will move over to this position. Step 6– Shoot the Red crystal on the tower, triggering the middle section to turn and trigger the Red triangular sign. Action 7– A set of Red eyes will rise from the ground. Use your Refract capability to shine beams of light through the prism into the 2 Red eyes. Step 8– Finally, move over to the Blue block and communicate with it. Return all the crystals to their original positions, shooting initially the Red, then the Green, then the Blue. Step 9– Two Blue eyes will open
      • , although they’re in a less obvious position this time. They’re semi-hiding up on top of the ledge overlooking the tower. Return and bit so you’re at the proper angle and utilize Refract on them.< img decoding= "async" loading =" lazy"
      • class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-1459660″src= “×410.jpg” alt =”” width =”728″height=”410″ srcset =”×410.jpg 728w,×317.jpg 564w,×819.jpg 1456w, 1600w”sizes=”( max-width: 728px) 100vw, 728px”> Step 10– That’s it! You’ve now uncovered a golden chest and a red Shroudfane that permits you to take on Azza-Kel, a tough optional manager that will reward you with plenty of Arcanum to unlock new skills and a Legendary Essence that lets you level up a Legendary weapon.

      There you have it! One of the trickiest puzzles in the video game resolved without you having to stress out your grey matter. You’re welcome.

      Immortals of Aveum is available now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can check out Wccftech’s other Immortals of Aveum guides here.

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