Immortals of Aveum– Where to Find the Vortex Fury Spell

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The new wonderful first-person shooter Immortals of Aveum provides gamers a wide variety of capabilities to help them out in combat, with a few of the most powerful being the Fury spells. These special magical attacks can be triggered by taking in mana crystals, and most of them are acquired by default as you make your way through the main campaign. That stated, there are a set of optional Furies, which are two of the most efficient in the game. One of these is the Blue Vortex Fury spell, which allows you to draw opponents close together so you’re in a much better position to smash ’em with a huge attack. Pretty beneficial things, especially for a few of the harder late-game fights! Here’s how to open the Vortex Fury spell …

  • Step 1– The Vortex spell is located in a Shroudfane(optional obstacle locations accessed via special portals)within the Oremen area. This is the sky island location you must pass through before
    • you enter into the Library of Akoth. Step 2– Shortly prior to you enter the Library, near a website, you’ll see a large blue orb sending tendrils of magic. Go communicate with it and it will vanish, revealing a golden chest and the Lattice Shroudfane. Hey, that wasn’t too hard! That said, the game doesn’t officially teach you how these blue orbs work till a bit later, so it’s simple to mistakenly pass this Shroudfane by.
    • Step 3– Once inside the Shroudfane you’ll have to finish a challenge that revolves around surfing a tricky magic stream. This will need you to dodge through specific barriers and periodically jump from magic stream to magic stream, often using your grapple to do so. When you’ve done this you’ll open the Vortex Fury spell.

    There you go! Once again, this one is easy to miss out on, however not awfully challenging to do when you know how and the Vortex Fury spell is definitely worth adding to your collection.

    Immortals of Aveum is available now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can take a look at Wccftech’s other Immortals of Aveum guides here.

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