Infiniti Vision Qe Concept Gives United States A Glimpse Of The Automaker's First Electric Car

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Infiniti Vision Qe concept front side view

Infiniti has revealed details of its first all-electric vehicle, previewing the fastback sedan with a Vision Qe concept ahead of the Japan Motor Show 2023. It's a big step for an automaker that has looked increasingly out of step with its luxury rivals, most of which already have at least one fully-electric vehicle on the market. Judging by the Vision Qe concept, Infiniti may not have been first, but they could be among the most memorable.

Infiniti's roadmap is to electrify the majority of its global lineup by 2030. That's a little more conservative than some of its peers, though arguably that just makes the automaker more realistic than rivals, too. While the production version inspired by the Vision Qe concept will be first to market, there'll also be an all-electric SUV to follow it. While unconfirmed to be this particular model, Infiniti has also shown off a QX Inspiration Concept EV SUV in the past.

Before then, though, we'll see a next-generation QX80 full-size SUV, which Infiniti says to expect in 2024. A new QX65 crossover coupe — debuting a fresh nameplate to the lineup — will also launch, a midsize, two-row model that Infiniti promises will be reminiscent of the FX.

Bold LED lighting in a sinister sedan

Infiniti Vision Qe concept front end

Nobody is going to accuse the Vision Qe of being subtle. While it may look black, the Infiniti concept is actually finished in Shadow Blue: a bespoke color created especially for the show car. It consists of a deep blue base coat with gold highlights. More gold appears on the geometric-design wheels, which Infiniti says are inspired by the coils of an electric motor.

Arguably the most striking aspect of the design, though, is the automaker's electric interpretation of the grille. Gone are the familiar Infiniti double-arches, and in their place are more sculpted front fascia lines that have been LED illuminated.

It's just part of the overall light theme that runs through the concept EV. That includes Infiniti's "digital piano key" signature on the front and the rear — also picked out in gold — and a glowing Infiniti logo. A full-width light bar at the rear takes care of the taillamps.

Battery, cabin, and tech are still MIA

Infiniti Vision Qe concept side view

What we don't know, at least for the moment, is what the Infiniti Vision Qe concept looks like inside. Currently, this is an exterior design study, though it seems likely that the automaker will take a conscious step away from the somewhat dated — and Nissan-esque — cabins of its current lineup. Expect big screens, plentiful ambient lighting, and likely more blue and gold detailing.

Similarly, Infiniti is tight-lipped on what sort of drivetrain we can expect. A key element there will be battery technology, though it's likely the first EV will arrive too early to take advantage of Nissan's work on solid-state batteries for future Leaf and other EV models. They're not expected to go into pilot production until 2024, with the automaker suggesting that as well as being slimmer, they could also see 100 miles of range added in just 15 minutes charging.

The first Infiniti EV will be assembled in Canton, Miss., the automaker says.

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