Intel 1st Gen Core Ultra Naming Gets Even More Confusing As More Meteor Lake CPUs Are Unveiled

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Intel's Ultra-Low Power Meteor Lake CPUs have actually been exposed that make the 1st Gen Core Ultra calling convention a lot more intricate.

Intel Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 164U & Core Ultra 5 134U Feature 9W Designs But Weird Naming Choice

Intel's Meteor Lake CPUs will be readily available in different sectors consisting of the U "Ultra Low-Power" styles. These styles will be segmented even more into the Meteor Lake U15 and Meteor Lake U9 series. Hardware leaker, Golden Pig Upgrade from Bilbili, has actually now exposed 4 brand-new SKUs that will become part of the 1st Gen Core Ultra "Meteor Lake U9" series.

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According to the leaker, Intel is preparing to introduce these low-power Meteor Lake designs throughout 4 "Core Ultra" tiers as pointed out above. To make things more complex, Intel will alter the calling plan in a method to represent particular power levels as well, for example, the xx5U and xx4U designs with the latter being the U9 style. The dripped SKUs consist of:

  • Core Ultra 7 155U (15W)
  • Core Ultra 7 134U (9W)
  • Core Ultra 5 134U (9W)
  • Core Ultra 5 125U (15W)

Now, if we discuss Intel's choice to present low-powered versions within the Meteor Lake portfolio, it is definitely a sensible one considered that markets have actually broadened to a much larger variety of audience. This choice makes the analysis of particular SKUs much more tough now and will trigger problem for the typical customer. It needs to be kept in mind that both Intel & AMD altered the calling convention of their chips with Intel taking a more extreme method.

Intel hasn't formally verified the introduction of low-power Meteor Lake SKUs, however based upon the performance history of Golden Pig Upgrade, it's safe to state that Intel will launch them at some time. Given That the Meteor Lake CPUs will debut by mid-December, we will understand for certain quickly.

Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPU Family"Preliminary":

CPU Name Process Node Core Configuration Threads (Total )Base/ Boost Clock L3 Cache TDP Intel Core Ultra 9 185H Intel 4 6 +8 +2 (16)22 3.8 GHz/ 5.1
GHz 24 MB 28-35W Intel Core Ultra 7 165H Intel 4 6 +8 +2( 16) 22 3.8 GHz / 5.0

GHz 24 MB 28-35W Intel

Core Ultra 7 155H Intel 4 6 +8 +2 (16 ) 22 3.8 GHz/ 4.8 GHz 24 MB 28-35W Intel Core Ultra 5 135H Intel 4 4 +8 +2(14)18 3.6 GHz/ TBD

20 MB 28-35W Intel Core Ultra 5 125H Intel 4 4 +8 +2( 14) 18 3.6 GHz / 4.5

GHz 20 MB 28-35W Intel

Core Ultra 7 155U Intel 4 6 +8 +2 (16 ) 22 TBD 24 MB 15W Intel Core Ultra 5 125U Intel 4 4 +8 +2 (14 ) 18 TBD 20 MB 15W Intel Core Ultra 7 164U Intel 4 6 +8 +2 (16)22 TBD 24 MB 9W Intel Core Ultra 5 134U Intel 4 4 +8

+2(14 )18 TBD 20 MB 9W News Sources : Videocardz, @Olrak29_

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