Intel 5th Gen Emerald Rapids 64-Core & Granite Ridge Xeon CPUs Performance Unveiled

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Intel has revealed the current efficiency and internal forecasts of its upcoming 5th Gen Emerald Rapids & next-gen Granite Rapids Xeon CPUs.

Intel 5th Gen Emerald Rapids Xeon 64-Core CPU Offers Up To 40% Better Performance Than 56-Core Sapphire Rapids

Speaking about its Xeon CPUs throughout SC23, Intel revealed brand-new efficiency metrics that include real outcomes for its upcoming 5th Gen Emerald Rapids and forecasts for its next-gen Granite Ridge Xeon CPUs. The chipmaker compared the outcomes versus its own Sapphire Rapids 4th Gen chips while likewise showcasing HPC metrics for the Xeon Max CPUs versus AMD's EPYC Genoa 96-core chips.

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Starting with the information, the Intel 5th Gen Emerald Rapids CPUs will be pin-compatible with the Sapphire Rapids CPUs on the Eagle Stream platform. They make use of the exact same LGA-4677 socket and deal primarily an enhanced style with couple of extra cores/threads, bigger swimming pools of cache, & concentrate on greater efficiency per watt.

The business highlights that Emerald Rapids Xeon CPUs will use workload-optimized efficiency and energy-efficient calculate. At the exact same time, the addition of faster DDR5-5600 memory need to lead to greater bandwidth and transfer speedups. The 5th Gen Xeons will likewise use CXL 1.0 and 2.0 assistance together with approximately 80 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes. Intel promotes a 40 %speedup in efficiency. Information are discussed listed below: Intel Emerald Rapids (Xeon 8592+ 64-Core) vs Sapphire Rapids (Xeon 8480+ 56 Cores):

  • AI Speech Recognition: 1.4 x Boost
  • HPC LAMMPS (Copper): 1.4 x Boost
  • Media Transcode (FFMPEG): 1.2 x Boost

A few of the functions to anticipate within the 5th Gen Xeon "Emerald Rapids" CPUs consist of:

  • Up To 3x bigger LLC cache
  • Increased Memory Speed
  • Greater CPU Core Count (Up To 64 Cores)
  • CXL Type 3 high bandwidth user interface
  • Work optimizations (Intel AE)
  • Optimized Power Mode
  • Approximately 17% General Purpose Perf/Wat Increase
  • Offload CPU cores with Intel Accelerator Engines for Power Efficiency
  • Substantial efficiency increase throughout reasoning and training
  • Intel AMX for integrated AI Acceleration
  • Out-of-box released with Optimized SW stacks

Intel 5th Gen Emerald Rapids Xeon CPU Specs"Preliminary":

CPU Name Modification/ Stepping Cores/ Threads Cache Base/ Boost(Max)DDR5 Support TDP Xeon Platinum 8592V QS/A1 64/128 320 MB 2.0 / 3.9

GHz 4 TB DDR5-4800( 8ch)330W Xeon Platinum 8592+QS/A1 64/128 320 MB 1.9/ 3.9 GHz 4 TB DDR5-4800 (8ch) 350W Xeon Platinum 8580Q QS/A1 60/120 300 MB 2.1/ 4.0 GHz 4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch) 350W Xeon Platinum 8580 QS/A1 60/120 300 MB 2.0/ 4.0 GHz 4

TB DDR5-5600

(8ch )350W Xeon Platinum 8581V QS/A1 60/120 300 MB 2.0/ 3.9 GHz 4 TB DDR5-5600(8ch)270W Xeon Platinum 8570 QS/A1 56/112 300 MB 2.1/ 4.0
GHz 4 TB DDR5-5600(8ch)350W Xeon Platinum 8571N QS/A1 52/104 300 MB 2.4/ 4.0 GHz 4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch) 300W Xeon Platinum 8558P QS/A1 48/96 260 MB 2.7/ 4.0 GHz 4 TB DDR5-4800(8ch) 350W Xeon Platinum 8568Y + QS/A1 48/96 300 MB 2.3/ 4.0 GHz 4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch) 350W Xeon Platinum 8558 QS/A1 48/96 260 MB 2.1/ 4.0 GHz 4 TB DDR5-5200(8ch) 330W Xeon Platinum 8558U QS/A1 48/96 260

MB 2.0/ 4.0 GHz 4 TB DDR5-4800(

8ch) 300W Xeon Gold 6554S QS/A1 36/72 180 MB 2.2/ 4.0 GHz 4 TB DDR5-5200(8ch) 270W Intel Next-Gen Granite Rapids P-Core Xeon CPU Performance Projections Intel is likewise specifying the internal efficiency forecasts of its upcoming Granite Rapids Xeon CPUs which will can be found in P-Core-only tastes while Sierra Forest will embrace the E-Core architecture & provide to 288 cores. These chips will
use compatibility with the

next-gen Birch Stream platform which can be found in 2 unique sockets, LGA 4710 and LGA 7529. The business is validating that the Granite Rapids Xeon CPUs will

use increased core counts, frequencies, and

the current Intel AMX( Advanced Matrix Extensions). Granite Rapids will likewise include FP16 to expand the accuracy assistance for AI-based designers. The platform will provide 12-channel MCRDIMM assistance to deal with bigger LLM designs that are memory-bound. In regards to efficiency, the internal price quotes versus existing 4th Gen Sapphire Rapids CPUs reveal that Granite Rapids Xeon chips will use a 2.9 x increase in AI Inferencing(DeepMD+LAAMPS), 2.8 x increase in memory bandwidth and approximately 3x much better efficiency in AI work. These are simply rough price quotes and last efficiency might vary. 56-Core Xeon Max CPUs Competitive Against 96-Core AMD's EPYC Genoa Intel likewise showcases some HPC efficiency standards of its Xeon Max 9480 CPU which loads 56 cores and 64 GB HBM memory versus the AMD EPYC 9654 with 96 cores. The Xeon Max CPU is revealed to provide to 30%much better efficiency.

The EPYC 9645 retails for$11,805 while the Xeon Max 9480 expenses$ 12,980 United States. Both CPUs are ranked at 360/350W however the Sapphire Rapids CPUs do take in greater wattage so that may cause lower TCO than the AMD option. AMD likewise uses its 3D V-Cache improved offerings in Genoa-X tastes which can use competitive efficiency in these bandwidth-bound work situations. With that stated, Intel will be releasing its 5th Gen Xeon Emerald Rapids CPU household on the 14th of December while the Granite Rapids CPUs will debut not long after Sierra Forest by 2nd half of 2024. Intel Xeon CPU Families(Preliminary): Family Branding Diamond Rapids Clearwater Forest Granite Rapids Sierra Forest Emerald Rapids Sapphire Rapids Ice Lake-SP Cooper Lake-SP Waterfall Lake-SP/AP Skylake-SP Process Node Intel 20A? Intel 18A Intel 3 Intel 3 Intel

7 Intel 7 10nm +14 nm ++14 nm++14 nm +Platform Name Intel Mountain Stream Intel Birch Stream Intel Mountain Stream Intel Birch Stream Intel Mountain Stream Intel Birch Stream Intel Mountain Stream Intel Birch Stream Intel Eagle Stream Intel Eagle Stream Intel Whitley Intel Cedar Island Intel Purley Intel Purley Core Architecture Lion Cove?TBD Redwood Cove Sierra Glen Raptor Cove Golden Cove Warm Cove Waterfall Lake Waterfall Lake Skylake MCP (Multi-Chip Package)SKUs Yes TBD Yes No No Yes No Socket LGA 4677/ 7529 LGA 4677/ 7529 LGA 4677/ 7529 LGA 4677/ 7529 LGA 4677 LGA 4677 LGA 4189 LGA 4189 LGA 3647 LGA 3647 Max Core Count As much as 144? TBD Approximately 136? 144 Approximately 64? As much as 56 As much as 40 As much as 28 As much as 28 Approximately 28 Max Thread Count Approximately 288? TBD Approximately 272? 144 Approximately 128 Approximately 112 As much as

80 Approximately 56 As much as 56 As much as 56 Max L3 Cache TBD

TBD TBD 108 MB L3 320 MB L3 105 MB L3 60 MB L3 38.5 MB L3 38.5 MB L3 38.5 MB L3 Memory Support As Much As 12-Channel DDR6-7200? TBD As Much As 12-Channel DDR5-6400 Approximately 8-Channel DDR5-6400? Approximately 8-Channel DDR5-5600 Approximately 8-Channel DDR5-4800 Up

To 8-Channel DDR4-3200 Approximately 6-Channel DDR4-3200 DDR4-2933 6-Channel DDR4-2666 6-Channel PCIe Gen Support PCIe 6.0(
128 Lanes )? TBD PCIe

5.0(136 Lanes)PCIe 5.0(TBD Lanes)PCIe 5.0(80 Lanes )PCIe 5.0(80

lanes ) PCIe 4.0 (64 Lanes)PCIe 3.0 (48 Lanes)PCIe 3.0(48 Lanes)PCIe 3.0(48 Lanes)TDP Range(PL1) Up To 500W? TBD Approximately 500W Approximately 350W Approximately 350W Approximately 350W 105-270W 150W-250W 165W-205W

140W-205W 3D Xpoint Optane DIMM Donahue Pass?TBD Donahue Pass TBD Crow Pass Crow
Pass Barlow Pass Barlow Pass Apache Pass N/A Competitors AMD EPYC Venice AMD EPYC Zen 5C AMD EPYC Turin AMD
EPYC Bergamo AMD EPYC Genoa ~
5nm AMD EPYC Genoa ~ 5nm AMD EPYC Milan 7nm+AMD EPYC Rome 7nm AMD EPYC Rome 7nm AMD EPYC Naples 14nm Introduce
2025? 2025 2024 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020 2018 2017 Xeon CPU Performance Footnotes:

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