Intel Arc "Xe-LPG" GPU For Meteor Lake Now Sits Ahead of AMD's 780M "RDNA 3" iGPU In Latest Leak

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The competitors in between integrated GPUs will get heated up as Intel's Meteor Lake CPUs approach launch, loading their brand name brand-new Arc Xe-LPG iGPUs.

Intel & AMD To Fight Off In The Next Hot GPU Segment, The Integrated Graphics Market: Meteor Lake Arc "Xe-LPG" Shows Promising Figures But RDNA 3 Continues To See Wide Support

The current standards have actually as soon as again dripped within the Geekbench 5 standard where we saw a previous entry for the very same Intel chip. The chip in concern is the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H which is a mainstream SKU within the Meteor Lake household however would see a large variety of alternatives as the greater end parts may be restricted in schedule at launch which may remain the case till early 2024. The laptop computer with the current efficiency leakage is the ASUS Zenbook 14.

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The GPU department on the Core Ultra 7 155H CPU boasts the Intel Arc "Xe-LPG" Graphics service with 128 EUs or 1024 ALUs clocked at as much as 2250 MHz. This is the exact same clock speed as the last leakage however what may be various are the performance/thermal/power profiles. Greater limitations and much better thermal abilities can lead to a CPU with the exact same specifications carrying out better in a confined environment such as a laptop computer.

With that stated, we likewise need to keep in mind that Meteor Lake has to do with a month away so we can see last motorists with correct optimizations to include a lot more graphics and calculate efficiency. Intel had actually currently specified that their core concerns with Arc were to concentrate on more recent APIs and as soon as those are completely tuned, they can then check out enhancing tradition APIs such as DX10/9, and so on. OpenCL does not technically land in tradition APIs however it definitely should not sway away the software application group's effort from the great that they have actually been doing so we may see even much better efficiency down the lane.

In regards to efficiency, the Intel Meteor Lake's Arc "Xe-LPG" GPU scored 33,948 points, a great boost over the previous entry which now lets it bend its muscles above the Radeon 780M, AMD's leading incorporated RDNA 3 graphics option. The GPU likewise sits ahead of the GTX 1060 6 GB desktop GPU and comes close to the similarity the Arc A380 and GTX 1650 Ti, which are still commonly popular among entry-level players on desktops and laptop computers.

Geekbench 5 OpenCL Performance
RTX 3050 (Laptop)

RX 480 (Desktop)

RTX 2050 (Laptop)

MX570 (Laptop)

GTX 1650 Ti (Laptop)

Arc A380 (Desktop)

GTX 1650 (Laptop)

MX550 (Laptop)

GTX 1060 6 GB (Desktop)

Arc Xe-LPG (Core Ultra 7 155H)

Radeon 780M (Ryzen 9 7940HS @ 60W)

GTX 1060 3 GB (Desktop)

Radeon 780M (Ryzen 9 7940HS Stock)

Radeon 760M (Ryzen 5 7640HS @ Stock)


Thinking about that this isn't the leading SKU and Intel is assuring some excellent clock frequency capacity on its Arc "Xe-LPG" GPUs, we can likewise anticipate the very same chips to be fantastic for video gaming. Now in this specific section, AMD has actually been the crucial leader within the iGPU sector for numerous years now with strong hardware abilities and assistance from different suppliers consisting of numerous portable makers who continue to utilize Red Team's option to power their video gaming gadgets. That might be altering quickly as we have actually seen however it will absolutely be a heated fight from now on. Intel simply being on par with AMD's incorporated service will be substantial however they need to stay up to date with this freshly developed momentum as their enemy is most likely not going to stop with their speed anytime quickly.

The software application side on both groups for iGPUs is really robust with both supporting their hardware with appropriate upscaling strategies and ray tracing abilities. AMD does has more choices readily available to players since the launch of FSR 3, HYPR-RX, and AFMF however Intel masters providing much better RT and even their image upscaling innovation tends to be somewhat aesthetically remarkable to AMD's offerings.

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