Intel Meteor Lake With Arc Integrated GPU & XeSS Delivers Up To 2x FPS In Dying Light 2

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Intel has showcased a brand-new demonstration of its Meteor Lake CPUs with Arc-integrated graphics running Dying Light 2 while utilizing XeSS innovation.

Intel XeSS Delivers Massive Gains For Arc iGPUs Featured on Upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs

The demonstration which was revealed throughout the Intel Tech Tour Malaysia, showcased a concealed Intel Meteor Lake (1st Gen Core Ultra) CPU running Dying Light 2. Passing away Light 2 is a AAA video game with some lovely good graphics and what Intel revealed were 2 similar systems performing at the exact same TDP of around 28-30W. The test was particularly selected to display the graphics efficiency of Intel's upcoming Arc Alchemist incorporated graphics architecture which is included within the Meteor Lake GPU tile.

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The Intel Meteor Lake system left wing was running Dying Light 2 at a native resolution of 1080p while the system on the right was running the XeSS Quality pre-programmed which utilizes an internal 720p resolution and upscales it to 1080p (1.5 x scaling aspect). Intel Arc has up until now just been offered in discrete type aspect so this is the very first time we are in fact seeing incorporated Arc GPUs in action.

Just like the Arc discrete household, the Alchemist architecture for Meteor Lake CPUs likewise features assistance for a variety of functions such as ray tracing and XeSS. The XeSS innovation is a significant and important part for integrated graphics given that it can provide huge increases to efficiency and can assist drive 60+ FPS in 1080p video gaming circumstances with a good mix of settings.

This demonstration reveals precisely that with the Intel Meteor Lake Arc incorporated graphics providing up to a 2x increase in FPS at the exact same wattage. In many cases, the increase can drop to 20-30% however it remains over 50% through most of the demonstration which is a good idea and this is XeSS Quality predetermined so we can anticipate much more efficiency utilizing Balanced and Performance modes.