iPhone 12 Remains Banned In Some Regions Of France, Despite Apple Pushing Out An Update That Lowers Radiation Levels

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Apple just recently launched a software application upgrade for iPhone 12 users in France that would relatively resolve the handset's radiation levels to adhere to regulative authorities. ANFR, the governing body in the nation, mentioned in a press release that the 6.1-model released back in 2020 is still prohibited in a couple of areas, though these locations are those that are managed outside of the nation's direct borders, which Apple may have missed out on.

The iPhone 12 restriction is presently in location in 5 French 'departments'

The press release found by AppleInsider states that the restriction has actually continued 'abroad departments.' The term 'departments' is utilized to identify locations beyond France's own borders, and in overall, there are 13 of them worldwide. The press release points out that the ANFR has actually just kept the iPhone 12 restriction in 5 of them: Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte, and Reunion.

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Because Apple released the software application upgrade for the iPhone 12 to attend to the radiation levels for users located inside the French border, it makes good sense that the restriction would be kept in the abovementioned areas, as those are beyond the borders. Once again, these issues need to have been talked about by the ANFR and Apple to avoid extra pain being experienced by both celebrations and, subsequently, the iPhone 12 users.

The press release mentions that Apple has actually prepared a future upgrade in these 5 areas, and it is anticipated to introduce by the end of the year. It was previously reported that the innovation giant's staff members learnt about the restriction Were advised to keep peaceful about this details. Still, no proof shows that mobile phone radio waves have a negative influence on human health throughout extended usage, as even WHO's research study exposes no adverse effects.

Given that the caution was released to Apple around the iPhone 15 release, the business had little option however to comply given that it would have positioned threat on the 4 brand-new designs, with the regulative body putting additional examination on them, bringing about more issues for the company.

News Source: ANFR

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